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Eplex7 releases Hitech Bass HBS1 - Physical and digital modeling bassline synthesizer for Windows

Eplex7 DSP

Eplex7 DSP has released Hitech Bass HBS1 bassline synthesizer. They say:

Hitech Bass HBS1 synthesizer uses advanced physical and digital modeling algorithms to create professional type of bass which works with fast 180 BPM of hitech tracks without clicks and phasing problems. This extremely fast and stable bass works also with many other fast genres like psycore, darkpsy / forest night psytrance, fullon, progressive, techno, electro etc.

HBS1 Algorithm consists of 2 parts: one is Bass generator – creating bass or sub-bass part of bassline by special technique and next is pick / transient generator to create percussive / transient mid and high frequency part of bassline.


  • Bass generator - bass / sub-bass part of bass algorithm.
  • Parameters: Bass fine tune, octave selector.
  • Parameters to modify shape of bass and its tone: Bass mod. length, Bass mod duration, Bass mod amount.
  • Bass filter: Bass filter cutoff, Bass filter resonance.
  • Bass volume: to control amount of bass / sub-bass part.
  • Transient / Pick generator – to generate percussive / transient / mid-high frequency part of bass.
  • Controls:
  • Transient start and length – to modify start and length of transient / pick.
  • Perc. mod length – length of modulation.
  • Perc modulation sustain.
  • Perc mod amount – amount of modulation.
  • Transient filtering frequency and resonance – to change tone of pick / transient part.
  • Transient pick – more low to mid percussive transients / picks.
  • Transient high frequency – high frequency part of transient / pick and gentle clicky start of bass.
  • Envelope shaping - System decay (to set length of note) system sustain.
  • Output module with FAT saturation control – to change overall tone, fatness and shape of bassline and add analog type saturation.
  • Preset manager with 32 fine tuned presets for hitech, darkpsy, fullon psytrance, techno, progressive, minimal, goa, darkprog, psycore, high-tech genres.

Price: 37 €. There is an introductory price for first 100 customers of: 18,90 €.

Demo songs:



Video: Note: YouTube changes the quality of the plugin's sound. It trims the treble and changes the tone of the bass. The SoundCloud demo has better sound quality (see above) or download the demo version and try HBS1 plugin live.





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