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FASoft releases n-Track Studio v4.1.5

n-Track Software

FASoft has released n-track Studio v4.1.5.

Changes since 4.1.5 beta 1 build 1995:

  • Fixed freezing when opening Parametric EQ plug-in.
  • Fixed rare freezing when mixing down or rapidly changing playback position.
  • Fixed import tracks from .sng file changing the name of the current song.
  • Faster start of recording.
  • Faster start of live input when pressing live button during playback.
  • Fixed Bounce command removing effects from track even when processing of effects wasn't requested.
  • Fixed crash when playing MIDI tracks having removed level meter from left timeline track bar.
  • Fixed song markers not appearing correctly in tempo evolution and Pianoroll windows.
  • Fixed live input routing not being updated immediately after a track input is changed.
  • Fixed track color not being updated immediately after color is changed via popup menu.
  • Fixed recording meters showing left and right channels as if they were equal when using ASIO drivers.
  • Fixed wave file properties box showing length as "null".
  • Fixed clip indicator level never going below the meter lower range.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of mouse dragging selection of a track starting from a point with no audio data.
  • Fixed tracks not showing recorded waveforms at end of recording if "Show waveforms while recording" is disabled.
  • Fixed right-clicking on a waveform not correctly showing some options on the timeline popup menu.
  • Fixed rare crash when opening song files with Navigator window open.
  • Fixed rare crash when closing mixer stripe.
  • Fixed problem with ASIO drivers and some stereo pair disabled in the Selected IO channels dialog box.
  • Fixed crash closing the program with Live input enabled.
  • Fixed program sometimes hanging during scan of VST plugins.
  • Fixed customized devices names not updating correctly after a song was loaded.
  • Option to display vumeter scale font horizontal when vumeter has horizontal orientation.
  • Fixed docked windows reappearing very small when closed and reopened.
  • Recording vumeters show customized input names set with the "Input names" button in track properties box.
  • Fixed recording vumeter not updating when audio devices are changed.
  • Fixed problem dragging wave files.
  • Clip indicators options in level meters to show both current, maximum and-or levels.
  • Auto-reset of clip indicators when clip mode is "peak" or "current".
  • Fixed track not being selected clicking on the track name if track was empty.
  • "Detailed scale" option in level meters popup menu.
  • Fixed recording vumeter window not reappearing after being closed.
  • Draw volume envelopes for multiple tracks. Multiple tracks can be selected holding the Ctrl key and clicking on the track vertical name on the left edge of the track.
  • Faster update of mixer window when adding new tracks.
  • Fixed crash opening MIDI Events list window right after importing MIDI file.
  • Fixed song comments window sometimes opening when loading a .sng even when the "open automatically" option was unchecked.
  • Fixed EQ now working on right channel of stereo tracks.
  • Recording and playback vumeters now show scrollbars when there are too many input or output devices to fit into the windows.
  • Fixed crash disabling recording from the left channel of an audio input device.
  • Bit depth of wave file resulting from "Bounce to single wave file" now is at least the bit depth of the original tracks wave files.
  • Fixed "Import tracks from .sng file" command importing tracks with inconsistent length.
  • Fixed change in EQ preset not being heard until playback was restarted when "Flat EQ" preset was selected.


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