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Fragment releases "Fragment 1.0" - Granular, Additive, Spectral Audio-Visual Synthesizer


FSynth/Fragment has released version 1.0 of the Fragment synthesizer, a free pixels-based granular, additive, spectral audiovisual synthesizer.

Fragment is a collaborative cross-platform audio-visual live coding environment with pixels based real-time image-synth approach to sound synthesis. The sound synthesis is powered by pixels data produced on the graphics card by live GLSL code.

Fragment is able to produce high-quality fast additive and granular synthesis simultaneously with re-synthesis support, it has many features making it easy to produce any kind of sounds or visuals and is aimed at artists and sound designers seeking a creative environment with few limitations to experiment with - a programmable noise-of-all-kinds software.

Fragment is also able to produce live visuals from videos, images, webcam, etc. import or algorithmically generated.


  • Additive, spectral, granular synthesizer with re-synthesis support.
  • Pixels based image-synth approach.
  • Collaborative audio-visual live coding environment, real-time approach.
  • Stereophonic or monaural.
  • Polyphonic.
  • Multitimbral.
  • 32-bit images processing.
  • Multi channels.
  • Import (webcam, images, videos with audio analysis, audio files analysis, drawing over textures...).
  • MIDI in.
  • OSC in/out.
  • Spectral recording.
  • Distributed sound synthesis, multi-machines/multi-core support.








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