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G-Sonique releases "Swede Trap Bass" made in cooperation with Swede from 808 Mafia


G-Sonique has announced the release of Swede Trap Bass, a Windows VST 32/64-bit plug-in for creating heavy Trap / Hip-Hop Kicks and fat Basslines made in cooperation with Swede from 808 Mafia, producer for Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, Gucci Mane, Nas, Farruko, Dalex and more.

Swede Trap Bass is designed to create kicks and basslines easy and fast without the need of difficult post-production and fine-tuning with additional effects, everything is included. The synthesizer combines the best of digital and analog/vintage, from warm analog filters and oscillators, to vintage style exponential envelopes coded after real hardware drum boxes. 20 kick oscillators, 8 filters, oscillator waveshaping, analog distortion circuits, parametric saturation and more.



Marian B. a.k.a. Brezekhiel (mix/mastering engineer and DSP coder/plug-in developer) says:

There are many clients sending me the trap songs for mastering. They are keep asking me how to make a heavy trap kick n bass like in the top music hits. Is it possible to make it so massive "just" with an analog mastering? Especially if the kicks sound quite weak in the mix? My usual question is: "Do you use kick n bass samples instead synths?" They answer yes and that's exactly it.

If you use a kick sample on the C5 note, it is fine but when it comes to melody and different notes, the kick n bass samples miss punch, energy and the proper resolution.

So when Swede contacted us regarding bass plug-in for Trap, I instantly knew this will be very useful and requested too. Easy but powerful synthesizer specially designed for heavy, massive trap kicks and bass.

We've spent 2 years developing and testing such synthesizer. With the basslines that will break your windows:-).

Our goal was to make a plug-in that is very effective. Something that will generate the desired sound fast and with easy – and with all the processors included so you don't need to go through post-processing afterwards. You don't have time to fine-tune one kick for 6 hours, do you? At the same time, we wanted to create a powerful tool which allows you to do everything from the classic kicks to the progressive new kind of basslines. And with your full control over the synthesis completion.

Lukas, CTO of G-Sonique Says:

We've used our best algorithms and 15 years of knowledge of making software, hardware and DSP processors to create this kick monster. We wanted to create a really advanced synthesizer - with your full control over the sound – and easy, funny and fast at the same time. A synth where you can tweak any knob and it will always sound good. You want to create a music, not the rocket science of sound post-processing and finetuning, don't you? This is a digital synth but we've obsessively recreated many parts of the original synthesizers by emulation of their various analog modules - like saturation, vintage exponential envelopes, distortions and saturators. The original hip-hop/trap kick was created with the analog vintage drum machines from 80's. So, actually, our synth combines the best of the digital and analog world.

There are analog and digital style oscillators as well as many virtual analog circuits and modules included. Therefore, this unit works in a non-linear way. As such, it allows you to achieve various sound colors and an, in fact, an exponential number of different combinations. Thanks to emulated analog circuits, the kicks and basslines sound very smooth, creamy fat and heavy, but not sharp or harsh.


  • Oscillators: 20 precisely designed shapes. Beside basic sinuses it also includes modern and progressive sounding oscillators like Brutal overdriven, Tube processed, Vintage sinus, Computer sin, Detroit analog, Clipped sinus, etc. You can set oscillator tone, pitch and phase too.
  • Filters: The Filter section includes 8 high-quality filters - from the warm analog emulations to a code based on the digital DSP hardware synths recreated from DSP chips. There are filters like Dirty Analog Low pass, Peaking, Notch. Even standard modulations are available - such as Analog style envelope, Cutoff, Resonance.
  • Wave-shaping algorithm: This is a special wave-shaping algorithm placed before the filter. This way it creates a totally different effect rather than a wave-shape or a saturation placed as an external effect. The wave-shaping algorithm will create a wide scale of sound manipulations - from the subtle analog style saturation, to the cubic or square digital shapes. From the modern and smooth style to the vintage analog warm colors. You can set a shape and wave-shape amount as well as amount of square or cubic shaping. Again, this is a nonlinear processing module so the parameters can create hundreds of different sound combinations. You can turn the wave-shaping normalization on and off to keep the normalized volume level after processing.
  • Amplitude envelope: This is a classic amplitude envelope, but with a vintage behavior based on the drum boxes from 80s. Also, with the modulation knob, you can control the peak output volume that drives the output saturation and overall color.
  • Oscillator pitch envelope: This is not a classic envelope. This is an exponential envelope inspired by the vintage drum machines to recreate the classic hip-hop kicks from 80s – the kicks with non-standard parameters like Start shape and Shape amount. And there is a big and precise pitch envelope modulation knob to set the desired kick sound and shape.
  • Voices + Glide: You can set the voice as poly and mono. Glide between the different notes necessary for the trap music. This is something that you cannot do properly with the basic samples.
  • Oscillator output: The analog drum machines shape sound and color in a nonlinear way – that means that the louder output was more saturated, it generated more harmonics and the kick was fatter. Recreated, this behavior can be controlled with a knob.
  • Analog distortion circuit gain: A precisely recreated analog distortion circuit module based on famous guitar pedals necessary to create heavy "in your face" kicks. It doesn't sound harsh like the digital distortions. With a knob you can choose between subtle and heavy distortions.
  • Parametric saturation: The last processor in the unit affecting the overall sound (analog vs DSP style) is a parametric saturation. You can tweak the sound with parameters like Saturation shape, Saturation level, Saturation shape level and apply the final effect amount with the dry/wet knob.
  • One click-update button: Make sure you always have the latest version. Just click and update or connect to your account and download the new one.
  • Preset manager with 66 hand-crafted presets by various Trap producers, Brezekhiel and Swede.

Price: 99.90 Eur (Introductory price for first 100 customers: 24.90 EUR).



Discussion: Active
15 December 2021 at 6:49pm

Sounds like a DS-7. Much enjoy. Many likes.

16 December 2021 at 5:51am

Very Good. Nails the specification.Sure you can do it with other Synths and Samplers, but as a Package with Intro Offer it's very good...

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