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Sampleson releases Reed106 - Spectral modelled electric piano that's always changing


Sampleson has announced the release of Reed106, a new piano plug-in for macOS and Windows that's described as "the first modeled piano that is always changing". Every note, every day, every month. Reed106 creates small variations of itself every time you play it (reproducing temperature, humidity, power supply fluctuations in real life).

The developer says:

This eliminates one of the most frustrating things in a VST. The boring effect that a virtual instrument generates over time.

Every electric piano has a unique sound. Even if it's the same model, same manufacturer and same year. This is why real pianos and electric pianos can never be emulated by software... until today. Reed106 introduces a proprietary Sampleson's software that turns static VST instruments into living ones.




Sampleson continues:

Our spectral modelling engine is capable of matching the real timbres by parsing harmonic and inharmonic partials, and envelopes with 100% of accuracy. It also learns from several samples for the same note reproducing the natural variations of real instruments (avoiding machine-gun effect).

This means that you'll have the sound accuracy of a large sampled instrument, but in just 45 MB and with infinite round-robins.

Intro Price: $29 (Reg. $49) at Sampleson.com



Discussion: Active


22 June 2021 at 9:30pm

This is modelling a Wurlitzer 106P, not a 200A. It's a smaller version of their electric piano with only 44 keys. (Which Sampleson expanded to 64 keys.) It's not meant to have the same sound. YouTube has some great videos showing 106A models that you can watch and listen to to get a sense of what Sampleson is aiming for with this one.

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