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Gospel Musicians and AcousticsampleS release 5 Acoustic Piano Sample Libraries for Yamaha Motif XS/XF with Intro Offer

Gospel Musicians

Gospel Musicians has teamed up with AcousticsampleS to bring five new acoustic pianos to the Yamaha Motif XS/XF synthesizer workstations.

  1. B-Piano: The B-Pian Upright is an old, out of tune, mechanically imperfect but still usable upright piano.
  2. A-Piano: The A-Pian Grand piano is and old French Gaveau piano. Gaveau was a French piano manufacturer. The company was established in 1847 in Paris and used to be one of the three largest piano makers in France (after √Črard and Pleyel). This particular piano was build in 1960 and is refereed to as a "crapaud" ("Petite Grand" in English), which means that it's a little smaller than a "quart de queue" (baby grand). It has a very particular sound, very bright and full of "inharmonicity" in the bass due to the short length of the strings.
  3. Kawai EX Pro: The Kawai-EX Pro sample Library is a powerful and bright 9-foot (276cm) Kawai EX concert grand piano that used to be in the Kennedy center in Washington DC.
  4. Academic Grand: The Academic Grand is a 1963 Steinway D concert grand which has seen countless recitals and concerts over the years where it served as the University of Arkansas' primary concert instrument.
  5. Old Black Grand: This is an old Pleyel Grand Piano (F-71240 model from 1928) with vintage gear like a Studer console and tube microphones, it has the rich and warm sound of the old jazz/blues or even classical music recordings.


  • 3-Velocity layers per piano.
  • Full sustain notes (no looping).
  • Release Notes.
  • Separate volume assignments for release and sustain sounds.
  • Fits on 512MB RAM or Flash.
  • 44kHz/16-bit Stereo Samples.

The pianos cost $99.99 each ($299.99 for the bundle) but will be on sale until November 5, 2012, for $49.99 each ($199.99 for the bundle). You can Purchase at: store.gospelmusicians.com

Watch demo on YouTube

Listen to audio demos on SoundCloud



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