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iZotope update AI-powered assistants for Nectar Pro and Ozone Pro


iZotope is unveiling upgrades to the AI-powered audio assistants within Nectar Pro and Ozone Pro, two of the plug-ins included in iZotope's Producers Club and Music Production Suite Pro memberships. Users can expect improved real time functionality, additional controls, and smarter processing that helps you get to an even better starting point for your vocals or master.

New in Nectar Pro:

  • Real time interaction, more control: Settings and controls have been updated in Nectar Pro's Vocal Assistant to help you better see and hear what processing is happening while adjusting new qualities like Intensity and Tone.
  • Sung and spoken vocal detection: Nectar Pro can now detect a sung or a rap vocal, and can narrow down the best range of options for your specific vocal.
  • Personalized character EQ: Nectar Pro now uses improved processing to make more intelligent EQ decisions for your audio.

New in Ozone Pro:

  • EQ Improvements and EQ Scaling: The logic of both the Dynamic EQ and the Equalizer was upgraded to avoid boosting low end if your music already has energy in that frequency range and added a new EQ scaling control.
  • More Ozone upgrades are coming soon with a focus on improving loudness and clarity, speeding up the Master Assistant workflow and upgrading its controls.

These upgrades are exclusive to new and existing members of iZotope's Producers Club and Music Production Suite Pro subscribers.



Discussion: Active
14 June 2021 at 10:34pm

"exclusive to new and existing ... subscribers"

I feel abandoned having bought the MPS bundle. Especially given the universal 50% discount on those subscriptions' nominal prices.

15 June 2021 at 3:20am

It is time to leave iZotope. I own Nectar Pro. Ozone Pro, Iris, Vocalsynth etc. but their sales policy kills me. Only subscribers count. The subscription is too expensive and you pay for functions or plugins you never use. Other companies provide subscription models with a real additional value, not so iZotope. They should rethink, I personally wiill replace my iZotope plugins by alternatives.

15 June 2021 at 4:07pm

Same here, I'm FINISHED with them. They have always been pick pocket thieves but to stab us in the back while doing it is the final straw.

15 June 2021 at 10:23am

I own several Izotope products, including Nectar and RX Advanced, and will not purchase a subscription to get access to some exclusive features. Fuck that.

15 June 2021 at 2:30pm

It's sad what software companies have to offer to get you a subscription. And those who bought it will be punished regardless of those customers that the company has brought so far. Not to mention that one tries in some way to make the subscription more palatable to the buying customer with even more goodies and more goods, the main thing is that a subscription is resolved. It is clear to me that morality has no place in business, but subscriptions and companies that "force" subscriptions have no place with me.

15 June 2021 at 10:26pm

I seldom argue with companies' policies, and I love iZotope's product range. But this is different; it means doing a 0.1 upgrade (which should be free of course) to only a part of the owners. I don't think this is illegal, but I must admit the thought crossed my mind. WTF, iZotope?!?!?

20 June 2021 at 8:53am

I am owning many Izotope products, but this subscription policy really sucks. I am extremely disappointed and Izotope has really made a massive mistake with this decision. We are not your fools Izotope, get your shit together!!.

21 June 2021 at 6:20pm

Reserving new plugin developments exclusively for subscribers is a shameless denial of loyal customers. Being a first hour iZotope plugin user and having spent 1000's of € on perpetual licenses for nearly ALL plugins (always Advanced versions) and ALL the paid updates over time : why should I pay monthly/yearly for an expensive subscription for products I already own a license of ? It seems understable that a company is looking out for regular revenue. But why not make available upgrades to everyone (paid or not) ? It is my personal opinion I will loose focus on my revenue having to take into account recurring payments. So I refuse any subscription. Seen the quality of the iZotope plugins I personally regret having to look out for alternatives (exploring Fabfilter applications now), but then again this could turn out to be an opportunity.

22 June 2021 at 1:26am

Bad business move on their part. My relationship with their company is a mess. There are no upgrade paths or loyalty offers that don't include things that I have previously purchased. I got my last employer to purchase advanced versions of thousands of Dollars US worth of product. Obviously out of touch with their customer base. Definitely moving on to other solutions. Don't really need the magical wizard auto mastering BS anyway. But obviously they don't have a desire to keep me as a customer and advocate.

29 June 2021 at 7:29am

Totally agree. This is a greedy misstep. I have bought licenses for many years for the top of the line versions, with work covering sometimes and me others. I probably will not be able to get work to cover a subscription though.

The updates are not new features, they are fixes that they are calling improvements. If you read the release notes, the current Izotope AI model for everyone but subscribers does not account for bass properly, so this is a bug fix, not an "improvement" in any but the most facile and spreadsheety way.

What they are telling us is that from now on, only subscriptions get updates, so what they are doing is removing something that I counted on when I bought each new release: for the top-of-the-line products that I paid for and needed, that the software would be maintained and bugs fixed on the current feature set and that a new release would add new features to make the upgrade worthwhile.

Izotope have moved from a model of innovation to keep cash flowing to one of minor extortion to keep it flowing, in that if you want the fixes and updates, you have to pay up under the subscription model. Screwing loyal customers is never a good business decision, nor is taking something away that people already paid for, the assumption of point upgrades and bug fixes coming at no further expense, and new features making additional investment in their stuff worthwhile.

I hope someone at Izotope gets their nose out the account books and registers this as a problem and rethinks their subscription model to offer more rather than making their now-former top products worse in order to get you to subscribe.

Alternate models:

* Plugin alliance does subscriptions right, even if pricey, it is a deal compared to buying outright, and your money goes toward eventual outright purchase. More Radical alternative:

* The Unreal model: Let people have access to make great stuff with your tools at free or nearly so and charge them as they make really cool stuff with your product that makes money, like the next big game coming from an unknown studio (unreal) Or the next club banger from a bedroom tinkerer (Not gonna be Izotope any more). Unreal is doing great with that model, and grows their user base because it invites people in who are not established or rich enough and if they make something cool and profitable, then they pay. Because the product is innovative, people are making money with Unreal Engine and are providing an income stream to Unreal and providing access to anyone who wants to stretch their creativity with those tools. My guess is that with this model, Izotope is "settling" for extracting the most short term income and no longer believes it has the innovative chops to lead any more.

Oh, well, someone will come in and innovate instead while the vampire themselves and their customers slowly out of existence. Or they can admit their mistep and go back to supporting instead of extorting their customers.

29 June 2021 at 10:28am

Yes, I felt the ripoff when I paid for the upgrade to "PLUS" never could figure out just what the plus was, but $100 later I realized I was a chump. Y have 90% of the Plugin Alliance stuff, already in thousands to go for the "subscription", not that I would anyway.

Fully agree selling "UPGRADES" to bug fixes is very unethical. These companies have no loyalty to their customers, only the dollar.

They and others like them will never see another cent from me for sure.


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