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KarmaFX Synth v0.8.6 released


KarmaFX has released a new beta version of the KarmaFX Synth (v0.8.6).


  • Limited max number of inputs into a component to 10. Before too many inputs caused a crash.
  • Major memory leak fixed. Before, opening and closing the synth many times would cause a crash.
  • Buggy ADSR retrigger fixed + increased ADSR times from 2500ms to 10000ms + re-adjusted envelope amplitude.
  • Added extra save info. "Author" and "Description" fields are now saved with each patch.
  • Strange behavior when rewiring a Polyphonic synth was fixed.
  • Improved host update of automation controls. Would sometimes still be active in the host even though they were disabled. Fixed.
  • Output component is now undeletable. Before an output-delete would cause a crash.
  • Fixed crash bug when selecting "New Patch".
  • Added infinite loop check when connecting a component to itself.
  • Added experimental mouse wheel support (only works in some hosts).
  • Edited some old and added some new patches.


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