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KarmaFX Synth Modular updated to v1.19


KarmaFX Synth Modular has been updated to v1.19 for both Windows and Mac.

This update contains some new features, including a brand new arpeggiator note masking option (see video below), support for double the amount of modules instances and double the amount of internal voices. Also added are a bunch of new single cycle waveforms, improved additive phase editing and transient control, and a high quality distortion option, plus much more.


Changes in KarmaFX Synth Modular 1.19 build 6075:

  • Increased module instance limit from 8 to 16. This means that number of simultaneous running modules can now reach 97 as opposed to only 49.
  • Increased voice limit from 64 to 128, so you can have, say a 16 voice unison module in an 8 voice polyphonic patch without running out of voices.
  • Added Phase Offset knob to additive module for improved transient control. Appears only when phase editor is shown.
  • Added 8x oversampling HQ option to distortion module to reduce high frequency aliasing.
  • Added Major/Minor chord modes to Unison module.
  • Added a bunch of extra single cycle waveforms to additive/pad module, including Korg Saw/Square, SquareSaw, TB Saw/Square and PhasedSaw waveforms.
  • Added shift left and shift right right click options to additive modules harmonic/phase editors.
  • Added Amplitude/Phase normalize option to right click menu in additive module.
  • Added custom note masking to pattern modules arpeggiator, to mask off certain notes in each pattern. Comes with 31 scale presets.
  • Added up/down and down/up arpeggiator modes to pattern module.
  • GUI: Added phase offset by -45 and +45 degrees options to right click menu in additive modules phase editor.
  • GUI: Added up/down button to pattern module for easy switching of patterns.
  • GUI: Parametric EQ now shows the corresponding musical note to the chosen frequency as note / cents.
  • GUI: The Scale knob in the additive module is now reset to 1.0 when a new waveform is selected.
  • GUI: Additive waveform drop-down now shows up to 50 waveforms (was previously 20).
  • GUI: Improved accuracy of pattern module note display and editing.
  • Bug-fix: Controller modules are now reset on song start/stop. Fixes bug with arpeggiator sometimes sounding different on successive runs.
  • Bug-fix: Mouse capture in pattern module would sometimes get stuck. Fixed.
  • Minor: Added internal instance profiling.


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