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KORG Gadget for Nintendo Switch updated to v2.0


KORG has updated Gadget for Nintendo Switch to Version 2.0.

New Features:

  • Added online multi-player*.
  • Added ability to exchange data over the internet*.
  • Added support for touch input for velocity and automation.

* Use of these features requires membership in Nintendo Switch Online (purchase of subscription required). To operate new features such as internet multiplayer mode, please click here.

Changes and Fixes:

  • When creating a new song, you can change settings such as "Time Limit" and "Random Gadget.".
  • With this change we have eliminated "Time Limit Mode." When you want to play with a time limit you can start a new song and set a time limit.
  • Fix for motion knobs/feeders not working properly when in portable mode.
  • Fix for a situation where input would not be received when getting a TIME UP message in Time Limit Mode.
  • Various other bug fixes to improve the user experience.




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