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Korg unveils Keystage MIDI Keyboard: Integrating MIDI 2.0 for Producers and Performers


Korg has introduced the Korg Keystage MIDI keyboards, designed to cater to the needs of both music producers and live stage performers. The range of keyboards come equipped with MIDI 2.0 integration, polyphonic aftertouch, and an extensive software package.

Build and Design

Available in two variations - one with 49 keys and the other with 61 keys - the Keystage series impresses with its slim and lightweight design. The wooden side panels and dedicated OLED screens provide a premium and user-friendly interface. Each OLED screen is paired with a knob for real-time adjustments, making it easier for users to access parameters.

Expressive Playing Experience

The Keystage features a semi-weighted keybed and supports both polyphonic and channel aftertouch, as well as MPE functionality, allowing for independent modulation of each note resulting in an expressive and nuanced playing experience.

MIDI 2.0 Functionality

Setting it apart from the rest, the Keystage is the first MIDI controller to harness the capabilities of MIDI 2.0's Property Exchange Protocol. MIDI 2.0 enables two-way communication between devices, ensuring seamless auto-configuration for optimal compatibility. When connected to compatible software, Keystage takes care of parameter assignments, clearly displaying them on the OLED screens. The matching knobs allow real-time control. Furthermore, it boasts official integration with leading DAWs such as Ableton Live, streamlining your workflow.

Diverse Connectivity Options

The Keystage's back panel offers a variety of connectivity options, including a USB port, 5-pin MIDI connectors, inputs for expression and damper pedals, audio output, and a headphone jack. This broad range of connectivity options ensures compatibility with various devices and equipment, making it an adaptable addition to your existing setup.

Built-In Arpeggiator and Chord Mode

While serving as a MIDI controller, the Keystage doubles as a master keyboard during live performances, thanks to its built-in audio interface. The arpeggiator offers a range of patterns that can be customized with aftertouch, triggered ratchets, randomization, and gating. The chord mode comes with 32 preset chord sets that users can easily edit and save, adding a layer of flexibility and creativity.

With a purchase of the Keystage, customers receive a substantial software package. This includes the Korg Gadget Producer Bundle, granting access to over 40 synthesizers and drum machines. The bundle also incorporates WaveState Native LE and Ableton Live 11 Lite, which is officially compatible with Keystage, allowing you to leverage the MIDI 2.0 functionality.

Price: $599 for the 49 Key version and $699 for the 61 key version - The Keystage is available for pre-order at Perfect Circuit.




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