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Line 6 has released GearBox Plug-In version 3.1 which is now compatible with Windows and Mac OS X Universal Binary in RTAS, AU and VST (Windows only) formats.

For the computer-based musician who records guitar, bass and vocals, the GearBox Plug-In delivers amp emulation and effects derived from Line 6's PODxt hardware in software.

Available in two different bundles, the Silver bundle provides a hand-selected model collection, while the Gold bundle delivers a comprehensive array for the "ultimate" tone palette.

GearBox Plug-In Silver Bundle

  • 18 guitar amp and 24 cab models from PODxt.
  • 5 bass amp models from Bass PODxt.
  • 6 world-renowned vintage and modern mic preamps.
  • 30 studio and stompbox effects.

GearBox Plug-In Gold Bundle

  • 78 guitar amp and 24 cab models from PODxt/Vetta II.
  • 28 bass amp and 22 bass cab models from Bass PODxt.
  • 6 world-renowned vintage and modern mic preamps.
  • 80 plus studio and stompbox effects.

USB Guitar Direct Box
Both the Silver and Gold bundles include the TonePort D.I. USB guitar direct box. In addition to giving you an input perfectly optimized for recording instrument level signals, it gives you all of the benefits of Line 6's exclusive ToneDirect monitoring while recording guitar or bass. This lets you monitor your instrument fully processed by the GearBox Plug-in with ultra-low latency – regardless of your recording application's buffer size. Use TonePort D.I.'s balanced analog direct out to feed your primary recording interface, use it as your only interface, or you can choose not to use it for audio at all.

The Silver bundle has an MSRP of $419.99; the Gold version $699.99. In addition, GearBox Plug-In is available as a download for owners of PODxt, GuitarPort, and TonePort products for $199.



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