Magix has announced the release of version 10.2 of Samplitude and Sequoia. Version 10.2 offers further improvements as well as latest optimizations and bug fixes for all Sequoia 10 / Samplitude 10 versions. What's new is below.

Sequoia: Crossfade Editor:

  • Zoom/Move to In/Out Point jumps/zooms to crossfade now.
  • Shift + AutoZoom jumps to Crossfade (without zooming).
  • New option "Center crossfade for zooming" (active by default).
  • Playback option "Stop at position" is ignored.
  • New option "Remember horizontal zoom width".
  • New object mode option "Keep global mode".

Sequoia: Clipstore:

  • Improved project relation of clips.
  • Shows up in dialog "Tools -> Collect project files".
  • Drag and Drop files from Explorer and external programs.

Sequoia: Digas:

  • Freeze and FX Data is copied at save.

FLAC format

  • Now you can use the FLAC format for lossless audio data compression of 16 and 24 bit files. FLAC is available for loading, exporting and recording: "File -> Load", "File -> Export" and "Record Parameter" (Shortcut: Shift + R ).

MIDI Editor:

  • MIDI Controller Editor now always shows current value of mouse position.
  • MIDI Controller Editor: Menu for Controller-Selection marks Controllers which are present in the object with * next to the name.
  • Right clicking on the "Quantize" Button now opens the dialog "Quantize Settings".
  • UNDO of MIDI-Recordings (Modes: Overdub/Replace) is possible from MIDI Editor (Strg+Z).
  • MIDI level meter activity also for chased notes.
  • ASIO latency compensation for MIDI-Metronome.


  • Video codecs updated.
  • Enhanced project exchange with Video Pro X:
    • EDL Format 1.7 includes surround information.
    • Loading of direct speaker settings from EDL (FL, FR, ...).
    • Export dialog redesigned.
    • Automatic takeover of exported EDLs from Video Pro X.


  • New option "POW-r dithering only for master outputs".
  • Autoblack-Threshold for Smart Dither can now be defined.
  • Track Bouncing-Dialog: Dithering Button with menu for dither options (Bypass Dither and Standard Dither) will be stored in bounce presets as well.

Spectral Cleaning:

  • Extended dialog with "Advanced Options..." and "Create Copy".
  • Strg+X, Strg+C, Strg+V for cut, copy and paste of markers.
  • Slice is fixed vertically when holding down mouse and pressing "ALT".
  • Slice is fixed horizontally when holding down mouse and pressing "SHIFT".

Take Composer:

  • Advanced Scissors Tool.
  • Click and draw range: only range is copied to first track.
  • Shift-Click for exchange of object under cursor.
  • Ctrl-Click in order to play objects under cursor.
  • Track lock status is ignored.
  • Tooltips explain usage (on objects).
  • Alt-Klick for exchanging object under cursor.
  • Ctrl-Space automatically selects object under mouse.
  • Automatic backup of "TakeComposer.VIP" when leaving the take composer.
  • Latest used mouse tool will be remembered between program sessions.

FFT Filter:

  • "Strength" value now ranges from 1 -200
  • New "Inverse" selector

Folder Tracks:

  • Copy and Paste of folder tracks.
  • Trackmanager: Adding of (F) to track number of folder tracks, tracks in folder are shown indented.

New Functions:

  • Offline-Effects -> Amplitude/Normalize -> Loudness adaption.
  • VST "Permanent Options" in Plug-in menu of effects dialog.
  • Automation - Curve Generator dialog: Option for limitation to range.
  • Recall Last Position: Backspace.
  • Selected object(s) - one track up/down: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Cursor Up/Down.
  • Enlarge selection - select to next/ previous object: Ctrl + Alt + Shift Q/W.
  • View Range start/end: Strg + Alt + B/N.
  • Object(s) to left/right: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Left/Right.
  • Stop at position: Pause.
  • "Paste with ripple" (Ctrl + Alt + V) to insert object with ripple.


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