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Magix updates Vegas Pro 15 to build 361

Magix has updated Vegas Pro 15 to build 361 featuring support for AMD GPU acceleration plus a long list of performance and stability improvements.

New Features:

  • Added support for AMD VCE hardware acceleration for encoding 8-bit, progressive HEVC files and H264 AVC/AAC files.
  • The So4Coumpoundplug now supports reading Timecode from MP4/MOV files formats such as GoPro, XAVC-S, and Alpaha 7s cameras.
  • Added an option to disable hardware acceleration when creating custom presets in Intel HEVC Render plugin.
  • Added a preference that enables you to bypass QSV hardware acceleration and operate without this technology.
  • Added a link in the Help menu to the VEGAS Community home page where users can quickly access the VEGAS user forums, tutorial videos, and the VEGAS Magazine.

Bug Fixes:

  • Selectively Paste Attributes can now copy event switches independently of audio FX.
  • Improved workflow and performance of the Swap Video Files function including that the folder dialog now remembers the last used diretory.
  • OK button in the Video Swap is now properly positioned regardless of any resizing of the dialog box.
  • Improved the efficiency of undo history when making changes to parameters of an OFX plug-in.
  • H.263 files are now properly supported on the timeline.
  • Problems reading ProRes files on the timeline have been resolved.
  • Docking window tab order no longer gets mixed up.
  • Pressing Enter in the Render dialog box now properly executes a render instead of opening render options.
  • Rending an image sequence to BMP and JPEG formats in 32-bit mode now yields the correct output.
  • Color levels are properly preserved when rendering a 32-bit project to XDCAM-EX format.
  • Resolved a conflict between QSV and 10-bit HEVC file renders on i7-770/i7-8700 systems.
  • Tabbing behavior has been improved in the Render As dialog box so that the results of tabbing from one control to the next is more logical.
  • The Swap Media dialog box no longer places the OK button in an unexpected state upon window resize.
  • 32-bit, 4K projects now calculate project size correctly and no longer exhibit random failures or unexpected behavior.
  • The Explorer window now properly preserves the file list arrangement in Details mode.
  • Tabbing behavior in the Render As dialog box has been greatly improved.
  • Event header buttons no longer get clipped by the vertical scrollbar.
  • A problem that could cause audio FX to have a cumulative effect when they should not has been resolved.
  • Customization of favorite render templates is now properly recognized.
  • Memory management has been improved to enhance render performance for GPUs with less than 4GB memory on 4K 32-bit projects.
  • The application now properly handles codec activation requests when the PC is off line.
  • Audio FX no longer have a cumulative effect when looping playback of a 32-bit WAV file.
  • Right-clicking to open the context menu with several events selected, some of which are empty, no longer causes a crash.
  • The LUT OFX plug-in now properly handles alpha values.
  • MAGIX AVC/AAC plugin now shows the full set of encoding modes when the QSV global preference is disabled.
  • The File Name field in the Render As dialog box no longer locks users out after rendering to a P2 file.
  • Region metadata from the Sony A7 camera is now properly supported.
  • Paste Event Attributes from an event holding footage of one frame size to an even holding footage of a different frame size now handles event Pan/Crop values properly.
  • Opening the event context menu or the Edit menu when a video track has three or more empty events on it no longer causes a crash.
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