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MusiKernel Team releases MusiKernel 15.08.2 for Linux and Windows


MusiKernel Team has announced the 15.08.2 release of MusiKernel, a music production solution for Linux and Windows featuring a suite of integrated hosts and plugins.

This is an emergency bug-fix release for Windows users, to fix a regression in MusiKernel 15.08.1 that would prevent re-opening existing projects. Fortunately, the projects are not corrupted and can be opened with the new version of MusiKernel.

Changes since 15.08.1


  • Fix not being able to open a project after initial creation due to automated backup creation failing.


  • Create a takes system for sequencer items (re-uses the previous 'unlink' actions and hotkeys).
  • Fix various bugs in the 'unlink single item' action.
  • Fix various mouse and selection bugs in the sequencer.
  • Fix the lexical ordering of unlinked items being backwards.


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