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Native Instruments has updated Reaktor to v6.2.2. The Reaktor Core macro library has received a significant update, with many highlights.


  • Non-transposed nonlinear Sallen–Key filter.
  • Cleaned up the internal structure of the transposed Sallen–Key filters. The TSK NLA filter sound is slightly changed.
  • 8-pole ladder filters:
    • Hidden highlight: Try negative resonance on nonlinear 8-pole bandpass ladders (they begin to self-oscillate at resonance to -4).
  • A completely reworked set of shelving filters:
    • Hidden highlight: EQ slope can be varied in wide range for shelving EQs with high pole counts.
  • 6- and 8-pole bandpass Butterworth filters.
  • 2nd kind (resonating) Butterworth filters.
  • A completely reworked set of crossover macros.
  • Configurable notch count for phasers.
  • Thru-zero phaser and flanger, barberpole phaser and flanger, harmonic phaser.
  • Asymmetric overdrive. Antialiased versions of symmetric and asymmetric overdrives.
  • Bit and sample rate reduction effects.
  • Compressor.
  • Tempo and transport position synced LFO.
  • LFO toolkit.
  • Zero-crossing detector event processing macro.


  • CPU consumption of the Delay and ZDF Delay macros (slightly).


  • Wrong phase deviation value at the output of the Phase Splitter macro inside the Freq Shift macro.
  • Some of the Math macros were sending initialization even in cases where they shouldn't have.
  • xy2polar and toPolar macros now handle zero input.
  • OS X 10.13 - APFS formatted drives now show up in the browser.


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