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Musikmesse 2019Positive Grid releases BIAS FX 2 Guitar Amp and Effects Processor Featuring Guitar Match Emulation

Positive Grid

Positive Grid has announced the release of BIAS FX 2, the next generation of its guitar amp and effects software. Completely re-engineered, with a higher-resolution DSP engine and hundreds of improvements, BIAS FX 2 aims to delivers the ultimate in responsive, detailed and truly authentic guitar and bass tones.

Highlights include Positive Grid's newly developed, exclusive Guitar Match and emulation technologies that virtually turn one guitar into another.

An extensive collection of all-new and revamped amps, pedals and HD racks adds depth and width to guitar sounds. And all-new Fuzz, Time and Harmonizer modelers provide unique guitar tones and effects and a looper and recorder allow new performance capabilities. A newly designed interface makes it easier than ever to access the power of BIAS FX 2.

New features and updates in BIAS FX 2:

  • Re-Engineered High-Resolution DSP Engine: Provides responsiveness and dynamics to faithfully reproduce each player's unique feel. This powers the 100 new amplifier recreations, with tone and dynamics each replicated down to the last glowing tube and precision resistor. Positive Grid partnered with Celestion to create official simulations of Celestion cabs.
  • Guitar Match: The precision guitar emulation that transforms the original guitar tone into a collection of legendary models, each precisely recreated down to its pickups, body type and body thickness.

Watch the Guitar Match demo here: YouTube/kPg-EDEf5K8

  • A Studio's Worth of New Effects: Including Harmonizer, Fuzz and Time modelers plus ten brand-new studio rack processors—Echo Tape Delay, Tri-Chorus, Tube Compressor, Spring Reverb, Wah, Guitar Synth and more for a total of over 100 new effects.
  • New Easy-To-Use User Interface: Includes a new preset manager that makes it easy to organize and rapidly search, recall and preview favorite pedalboard setups and switch instantly among them on the fly.
  • Access to over 50,000 User-Generated Presets via ToneCloud, Plus 200 Onboard New Factory Presets: Created by world-renowned artists, studio engineers and session players.
  • Redesigned ToneCloud Access: Allows players to find and sort faster than ever using tags and keywords.
  • New Looper/Recorder Functionality: Quickly record ideas for riffs, vamps and songs with a simple click and loop your recording while you play it back through BIAS FX 2's foot pedals, amps and rack FX.
  • Dual Signal Path With Multiple Splitters: Allows players to cherry-pick parts from two separate amps—their impulse responses, cabs, EQs, even the mics they use—and combine them to create a one-of-a-kind hybrid amp nobody else has. Or route two amps parallel to one another and hard pan them to create a wide stereo setup with totally different guitar tones in left and right channels.
  • Plus hundreds more improvements across the board.

Watch this BIAS FX 2 preview video hosted by Fluff from Riffs Beards & Gear: YouTube/XAflqKCiU-I

Watch the overview video from James Ryan: YouTube/QgiVQRNhLMM

"After reviewing feedback from thousands of users, we tirelessly worked to make the ultimate update to this software staple, " comments Jaime Ruchman, Digital Marketing Director for Positive Grid. "Guitarists can now benefit once again from the never-ending innovative spirit that fuels us here at Positive Grid."

BIAS FX 2 is available for Mac and Windows as a standalone app and as a plug-in for your favorite DAW, and comes in three different levels so that users can choose the depth of the library that best fits their needs:

  • BIAS FX 2 Standard: $99.
  • BIAS FX 2 Professional: $199.
  • BIAS FX 2 Elite: $299.

BIAS FX 2 - Standard
Customizable guitar amp and effects processor.

What's New:

  • 30 New Amplifiers Total.
  • 45 New Effects Total.
  • Guitar Match - Essential (2 Guitars).
  • Greatly Improved New DSP Engine.
  • New Easy-To-Use User Interface.
  • 60 New Built-in Factory Presets.
  • Redesigned ToneCloud Access.
  • New Looper/Recorder Functionality.
  • Dual Signal Path With Multiple Splitters.
  • Hundreds Of Improvements Across The Board.

BIAS FX 2 - Professional
Unlock even more amplifiers, effects and tonal possibilities.

Everything in Standard plus:

  • 60 New Amplifiers Total.
  • 100 New Effects Total.
  • Guitar Match - Pro Pack (6 Guitars).
  • New HD Rack Pack 1 (4 New Racks).
  • 120 New Built-in Factory Presets total.
  • Brand New Custom Artist Presets.
  • 100 "Rock Song" Presets on ToneCloud.
  • New MIDI/Automation functionality.
  • Dedicated IR Loader.

BIAS FX 2 - Elite
The ultimate in guitar amplifier and effects processing.

Everything in Professional, plus:

  • 100 New Amplifiers Total.
  • 100 New Effects Total.
  • Brand New Fuzz Modeler.
  • Brand New Delay Modeler.
  • Brand New Harmony/Harmonizer Modeler.
  • Guitar Match - Elite Pack (18 guitars).
  • New Rack HD Pack 1 & 2 (8 New Racks total).
  • 200 New Built-in Factory Presets total.
  • Bonus: BIAS Pedal Distortion, Delay, Modulation License To Create and Download Thousands Of Pedals on ToneCloud.

Product Includes:

  • Instant digital download.
  • Windows: Standalone, VST, AAX.
  • OS X / macOS: Standalone, AU, VST, AAX.

System Requirements:

  • OS X 10.11 or macOS 10.12/10.13/10.14, Core i5.
  • Windows 10, Intel Core i5 or equivalent, 4 GB RAM.


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