Radium Audio

Radium Audio has updated Radium to v3.3.5 for Linux, Mac OS X (beta), and Windows.

Radium is a music editor with a new type of interface, inspired by trackers, but uses graphics to show musical data.


  • Fix non-qwerty keyboard on Windows.
  • New color configuration dialog.
  • Improved multi-core processing.
  • Improved editing.
  • Fix semi-rare startup crash.
  • Optional play cursor. Instead of scrolling the editor while playing, a red horizontal line moves down instead.
  • Loop when playing range.
  • Improved font rendering, especially for white text on dark background.
  • Load and save VST FXB and FXP files.
  • Automatic backup every minute if there are unsaved edits and not playing.
  • Various minor improvements and stability fixes.

Full change log: github.com/kmatheussen/radium/blob/master/Changelog

Price: Minimum 2 EUR per month for the full version.



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