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Receptor v1.1 update released

Muse Research

Muse Research has released the version 1.1 update for Receptor, which is now available for download in the updates section over at Plugorama. This update contains numerous enhancements, fixes, and improvements, official compatibility with several additional commercial plug-ins plus "unofficial support" for Spectrasonics' Atmosphere, Stylus Classic and Trilogy! There are also updates to three of the Receptor v1.0 compatible plugins - Eve, Green Machine II and Vanguard.

Improvements and New Features:

  • Multi and Single patches load up to four times faster
    Depending on the state of your mixer and the nature of your multi or single patch, you will see up to 4x improvement in patch load times.
  • Dramatically faster startup times
    Receptor 1.1 starts up markedly faster than v1.0. It also restarts much faster. For example, triple-clicking the power button (which restarts the Receptor host application) with factory patch "<Demo Multis> / 001:Keys, gtr, vox" loaded yields the following difference:
    • Receptor v1.0 = ~28 seconds to restart.
    • Receptor v1.1 = ~8 seconds to restart.
  • New Receptor Remote application dramatically improves Receptor control using MacOS X.
  • EVE Sound Set Support
    You can now install your own sound sets and banks for EVE.
  • System Log now reports amount of RAM installed in Receptor.
  • Select MULTI Banks without sending an MSB (CC00) message.
Bug Fixes:
  • Kompakt DFD state is now saved
    Note that DFD settings are saved within the Kompakt plugin and are thus global to all instances of Kompakt. DFD settings are not saved as part of a Receptor Multi patch.
  • Fixed rare noise problems
    Under certain obscure conditions version 1.0 could emit unexpected noises. Version 1.1 catches and eliminate these noises before they start.
  • Fixed rare crash when instantiating plugins via MIDI.
  • Can now delete all files installed via Unsupported Plugins
    In version 1.0, some unsupported plugins could install additional files with 'Read Only' privileges, which would prevent users from deleting them. It is now possible to delete all files installed via the Unsupported Plugins folder.
  • Appletalk can now be turned on from Receptor's front panel
  • Improved access to memory with 1GB of RAM or more installed.

New Plug-ins
Official compatibility has been added for discoDSP's Discovery, Phantom and Vertigo, FXpansion's DR-008, GMEDIA Music's impOSCar, Native Instruments' Pro-53 and Wave Arts' FinalPlug. Plus, FXpansion's DR-005 is now available for free registration, and Steinberg's freebie tape echo plugin Karlette has been "Receptorized".

Support for Spectrasonics plugins ("Unsupported")
You can now install and authorize Spectrasonics Atmosphere, Trilogy, and Stylus Classic as unsupported plugins. Please see this Knowledge Base article for instructions.

Updated Plugins
The following updates to Receptor v1.0 plugins are also now available:

  • Eve: allows you to install additional Eve sound banks.
  • Green Machine II: fixes CPU spiking issues. Unfortunately, patches saved with the original Green Machine plugin are not compatible with the new version.
  • Vanguard: fixes an issue where recalling a new patch would close the plugin's edit view. Now, if you open Vanguard's edit view, it will stay visible when switching Receptor patches.


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