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SKnote announces HandSynth for iOS


SKnote has announced a new synthesizer for iPod/iPhone/iPad: HandSynth.

HandSynth is a powerful multimode synthesizer with a performance-oriented interface. Controls are reduced while keeping full control on the synthesis engine. The multi-touch surface and internal accelerometers included in the target devices give a radically new control on the sound and the performance.

The special keyboard algorithm makes almost four octaves available on the small screen, while giving precise note selection and beautiful vibrato, slide and modulation control. On iPad, the optional 2x screen zoom gives an even more precise control on the performance.

A "position" parameter on the keyboard, selectable, gives manual control on volume or filter frequency, for tremolo, bowed or wha effects and more. A "Theremin" function switches off the keyboard and activates the "accelerometers" mode. Pitch and volume can be controlled simply by rotating the device. A radically different kind of performance control, from classic space effects to sliding sounds to lead solos.

The sound engine is very deep, including more than 30 oscillator algorithms (discrete summation, virtual analog, frequency modulation, wavetables and more), several multimode filters (including multiband and vowel filter), and effects.

Main features are:

  • Filter: frequency and resonance, fixed and frequency-follow modes.
  • Oscillator: two sound parameter.
  • Oscillator: fine detune (each oscillators includes two independent internal oscillators), octave detune, fifth detune.
  • Multimode chorus.
  • Multimode drive.
  • Delay with internal feedback equalizer ("timbre").
  • Keyboard and Theremin modes.
  • 100 sound memories (backed up on exit).
  • External sound libraries management (third party presets).
  • Internal help screen.

HandSynth comes with 100 presets. It will be available in the Apple App Store in a few weeks priced at €4.90 and will require iOS 3 or higher.



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