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Sensomusic releases Usine v2.8


Sensomusic has released version 2.8 of Usine.

New features:

  • Vista compatible.
  • Dual Core Optimization.
  • All controls can be displayed in a resizable window (wave display, Pianoroll, etc.).
  • Interface builder: to build personal interfaces and display only the controls you want to see on the screen (see Interface Builder example in the demo folder).
  • Loop range selection in the Wave Display module.
  • A Browser window (replaces the old menu).
  • Record time adjustment in the sampler form up to 600 seconds
  • Usine can handle strings (text) flows.
  • Change the color of a patch.
  • Multi selection (cut, copy & paste), in patch edit mode.
  • New 'Continue' button in the sequencer, to play the current loop and pass to the next.
  • Quantization option on all buttons and switch: quantize on cycle, bar, beat, etc.
  • Quantization option on conductor lines.
  • New interface design, more clear and compact.


  • No more audio clicks when you activate a patch in the grid (small cross fade).
  • No more audio clicks when you change the loop size in the sampler.
  • Channel filter inlet in MIDI filter Module.
  • Change Channel in MIDI transform module now works for all MIDI messages.
  • The Key learn mode can be "global" or "only on the selected track".
  • Allows multiple MIDI remote devices.

New modules:

  • Only if has changed: passes a flow only if its value has changed.
  • Pass Event Flow: inverse of Stop Event Flow.
  • Array In sub-patch inlet.
  • Array Out sub-patch inlet.
  • OSC send string.
  • OSC send 32 data's.
  • OSC receive 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 data's.
  • Patch Active: enables or stops the calculation of the current patch.
  • Vertical Fader (in the interface builder).
  • Vertical audio Vu meter (in the interface builder).
  • Text Field: set or display strings.
  • Image, Picture.

Compatibility notes:

  • The Grain Sampler inlet order has changed and is no longer compatible with the 2.64 version. Please check your patches if they contain a Grain Sampler module.

Fixed bugs:

  • MIDI Time Clock message now received.


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