solar3d-software has updated VCommander, the software editor/librarian for the Access Music's "Virus" synthesizer product line, to version 4.0.4.

They've added a useful feature to lock patches from saving, which sounds simple, but actually has a big impact to live setups with host automation.

Together with the ability to act on incoming ProgramChange MIDI messages, Vcommander is now fully integrated in a live workflow.

Bug fixes and new features:

  • Controls had a menu issue in channel strips - fixed.
  • More meaningful file icons.
  • More QuickTips added.
  • Dependency check re-written.
  • new menu to find any Multi patch containing a
    particular Single patch (right-click any Single patch its link icon).
  • BlockCopy icons removed in Multiprogram manager.
  • Singleprogram manager did not allow to drop Multipart manager items -fixed.
  • Clipboard did not allow to drop Multipart manager items - fixed.
  • SOLO mode was not sending MIDI messages - fixed.
  • Transpose control added next to the On-Screen keyboard.
  • UI update issues – fixed.
  • Switching edit mode back and forth could crash the application - fixed.
  • Patch lock added. A locked patch can still be edited in the memory but the
    edits won't be saved to disk or to the host project file. You can always restore
    an edited but locked patch by simply double-clicking it. Lock or unlock a patch
    from its menu.

VCommander is available in 32 and 64-bit versions for OS X and Windows. It runs as a VST or AU plug-in or standalone.



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