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sonicLAB offers high resolution parameter control using Rotary Encoder MIDI controllers on Thermo and Fundamental2


sonicLAB has announced the addition of high resolution parameter control using Rotary Encoder MIDI controllers in the latest updates for Thermo and Fundamental2.

Here's what they say:

sonicLAB Thermo and Fundamental2 possess generative audio synthesis engines with oscillators which do exhibit many sweet spots of a rich sonic palette, but can be effectively handled only with fine control on their critical parameters.

This kind of control is not possible with standard MIDI CC 0-127 hardware controller mapping, especially for parameters like oscillator frequency, filter cutoff, feedback level etc. And any fine combination of these parameters can apply dramatic changes within sonicLAB oscillators.

sonicLAB presents a solution by using the incremental style Rotary encoder MIDI controllers on the market combining with appropriate software design.


  • Now with only one knob, one can pass through the entire frequency range within 1Hz precision. This can address also other critical parameters like oscillator gain, feedback and filter cutoff.
  • The handling of the rotary encoder is achieved with adaptive interpretation. The knob rotation speed translates to larger intervals in value change.
  • This process offers a non-destructive parameter control. You load a preset and the rotary knob control applies relative changes to the preset values.
  • What you see is what you hear. Hence, you control the Oscillator frequency or Filter cutoff and see its real value by knowing that also corresponds what is being sent to the sound engine.
  • The software implementation is adaptive to any incremental style Rotary Encoder MIDI controllers. They might send different MIDI CC values for their operation but this does not effect the operation.

This is available now on the new update of Thermo, Fundamental2 and Fundamental2 iOS. Please check the videos for a hands on presentation.

Thermo and Fundamental2 come in VST3, AU and standalone formats for OS X and Windows systems.

A Fundamental2 perpetual licence costs 99Euros. Fundamental2 iOS is available on the App Store. A Thermo licence costs 79Euros. They can be also purchased in a Oscillator bundle for 158Euros.

sonicLAB offers also a rent-to-own purchase option in 6 months payment. An iLok account is required for licence authorization.





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