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Sonus Dept. releases Eris, sample manipulation instruments for Max for Live

Sonus Dept.

Sonus Dept. has released Eris, a bundle featuring five Max for Live devices for experimental sample manipulation:

  • Surgery: an extreme sample manipulation tool, where you can split an audio file in up to 1000 parts and then play and manipulate them in different ways.
  • TheLeader: not yet another simple sampler, but a polyphonic sampler with some twists: you can load three different samples, with the second and third ones following the duration of the first and interacting with it in different ways.
  • ChaosRack: a step sequencer and sample rack where the sample selection for each step is decided by the output of a chaotic map. It can be used for unpredictable rhythms or sample sequences.
  • Quadr: four slices of sound, moving across the sample in different ways and with different speeds. It can lead to very different results, from noisy glitches to more recognizable outcomes.
  • Fragscape: a tiny device that creates granular and jagged textures from parts of a sample.

Some sounds made with Eris devices only: SoundCloud.com/sonusdept/sets/eris-devices-for-max4live

Price: 15€ from Sonus Dept. website or from KVR Marketplace.

KVR Marketplace

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