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Musikmesse 2017SSL announces 24 Fader and AU Delta Control Plug-ins for AWS Consoles - enhanced Logic compatibility - available May 2017

Solid State Logic (SSL)

Solid State Logic has announced the release of a new 'δelta-control 24' plug-in and an Audio Units (AU) version of the 'δelta-control Single Fader' plug-in for δelta-enabled AWS consoles. This update brings full δelta-control compatibility for Logic users.

δelta-control is SSL's unique plug-in family that allows analogue console automation to be recorded, edited and replayed via the DAW. δelta-control automation data is cross-compatible, meaning you can start mixing on one SSL δelta-enabled console and continue on another. Used in conjunction with the console's 'Auto' menu to access classic SSL automation functions such as 'Join' and 'Revise', δelta-control offers a streamlined workflow suitable for the pressures and high-turnaround demands of the modern studio.

The δelta-control 24 plug-in allows AWS channel features to be automated from one plug-in including: Fader levels (Absolute and Trim), Cuts and Insert Points for both channel and monitor paths as well as EQ, Cue, and FX switches. The new AU Single Fader version of the plug-in is intended for users to access Record and Mix Bus automation.

Both plugins will be free to download and use with δelta-enabled AWS consoles. The plug-ins will included in the AWS software download pack.

The update will be available in May 2017 via the SSL website.

AWS consoles not running Delta can be upgraded with the relevant upgrade kit.

Delta Control plug-ins are available in all major DAW formats including AAX, AU, and VST3.



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