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Steinberg HALion v3.1 pre-release available


Steinberg has released a v3.1 pre-release update for HALion which fixes many issues and also introduces several new features. The updater can be downloaded from Steinberg's FTP.

New features are listed below; for a complete list of changes please read the extensive version history (PDF).

Q-Controls: adds 8 macro controls that can be assigned to almost any HALion parameter (including HALion FX parameters). Usually Q-Controls are located on the Macro Page but they can be opened in a detached window from the Sound page/ Modulation view also. Q-controls can be remote controlled via MIDI -> setup on Options Page -> Controller List.

HALion Standalone:

  • Added a Global Tempo/Signature edit field.
  • Added Load/Save of Program and bank.

HSB Format:

  • Optimized for playback performance.
  • Category indexation is cached now.
  • Support of files bigger than 2GB.
  • Icons available.
  • Display Decide-Box when writing a HSB-File with Samples of another HSB-File.
  • Display Decide-Box before overwriting a HSB-File.
  • Samples and fxp files inside HSB files can be updated by placing the new files with same name and folder structure on the same level in the file-system like the HSB file, see manual for details.

Browser Page:

  • The "HALion Content" view in the Browser can now be switched to "Show categories" for displaying all installed HSB Content sorted by Category.
  • Autobrowse has better user feedback now.
  • Autobrowse toggle on/off: three additional Quick Favourite Locations are available in Auto Browse Mode.
  • Add Repair Fxp Files: fixes import problems with OS9 created fxps and assign a new sample path for missing samples.
  • Added a play button on the separate browser window of HALion.
  • Added a Key command for browser import button.
  • Multi selection of fxps in the left column is now allowed.
  • HALion content folder is now visible in Autobrowse mode, too.
  • Updated category list.

Keyzone Page:

  • Added Lock button in Keyzone editor.
  • Added Context menu: add Load all samples.
  • Added Context menu: add Unload all samples.
  • Added Sample Mapping by extracting note number in filename.
  • Improved info text while moving mouse on keyzone.
  • Added Key Command (default P) to Play selected Sample.
  • Added folder per sample.
  • Added clear a key via Context Menu on the virtual keyboard.

Loop Page:

  • Sample range draggable.
  • Sample range fixed or slide relative to sample start.

Program List View:

  • Added numeration of the program list on the Global Slots.
  • Better handling of Drag&Drop from Browser (merge or replace mode).
  • Added 'Unload'/'Load' for all selected samples.

Option Page:

  • Added PAN as a MIDI CC destination.
  • Added learn mode for MIDI CC.
  • Added Volume Sensitivity parameter.
  • Added Memory meter (for Virtual and Physical).


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