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Tone2 updates Gladiator to v2.2

Tone2 Audiosoftware

Tone2 has announced the release of version 2.2 of Gladiator.

New features:

  • MIDI learn support.
  • Additional low pass filter: LP Superfat.
  • New modifier: 'Time Delay', delays an oscillator's spectrum.
  • New modifier: 'Pitch Harmonizer', stacks up to 16 additional harmonics.
  • New modifier: 'Pitch Octaver', stacks up to 8 oscillators tuned in octaves.
  • Hotkey 'm' resets the mod matrix.
  • 35 additional new presets.
  • The interface now displays the user name above the preset browser.


  • Smoother analog like characteristic sound.
  • More punchy envelopes.
  • Chorus and ensemble have been replaced with analog modeled versions.
  • Moog filter now supports 'self oscillation' for high resonance.
  • Improved Comb filters.
  • Improved LP 12dB Analog, BP 12dB Analog and HP 12dB Analog filters.
  • Improved psychoacoustical processing.
  • Improved protection against corrupt installations, or registering with the wrong keyfile.

Changes and fixes:

  • Fixed: System freeze / crash happening with certain system configurations (PC).
  • Fixed: User name was sometimes displayed incorrectly (Mac).
  • 'Comb1', 'Comb2' filters have been renamed to 'Comb+' and 'Double Comb'.
  • Fixed: a possible crash when MIDI CC 121 was used.
  • Fixed: Two spectra were missing due to invalid filenames (Mac).
  • Reworked factory presets to reflect engine quality improvements.


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