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Toontrack Music updates Superior Drummer to v3.1.0

Toontrack Music

Toontrack Music has announced that Superior Drummer 3.1.0 is now available to download using the Product Manager or from the 'My Products' area in your Toontrack account. Please note that version 3.1.0 is required for the support of Superior Drummer 3 products released from this point forward (Q1 2018).

A full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes can be found at toontrack.com/faq/release-notes-for-superior-drummer-3-1-0

Superior Drummer 3 sound library update 1.1.0 is also now available and recommended for all users. A list of improvements and fixes can be found at toontrack.com/faq/release-notes-for-superior-drummer-3-sound-library-update-1-1-0

Main Changes in Superior Drummer 3.1.0

Grid Editor:

  • Instrument rows are now movable so you can order them in any way you like.
  • The instrument rows can now be resized horizontally.
  • Instruments can be soloed/muted from the grid editor.
  • Instrument/articulation row can now be set to show note lengths in case your instrument reacts to note off messages.
  • New menu button above instrument rows.
    • Show/hide unmapped/unloaded instruments.
    • Reset order (to reset instrument ordering to default).
    • Collapse/expand all instrument rows.
  • Zoom buttons/slider now zoom in on the playhead if visible.
  • Quantize has received an overhaul and now supports 0-100% quantize as well as swing and randomize options.
  • Notes currently not mapped to anything are now shown (as for example "Note 5") so you can edit them.
  • The grid editor can now be detached to its own window for multi-screen support.
  • All blocks on the song track are now visible in the grid editor.
  • Inserting notes outside the MIDI block boundaries now extends the block to contain the notes.
  • The visible grid is now entirely based upon zoom; the further you zoom in, the more grid lines are visible.
  • The timebar has a right-click menu where you can select to show triplets or straight grid lines.
  • The snap menu now has an "Auto" option (active by default) that allows snap to work on the visible grid instead of predetermined values.
  • Nudge has been added to move notes in very small steps.
  • Auto-scroll (on by default) added so you can turn it off to stop the view from scrolling away when playing.
  • The arrow and pencil tools are now global and used in both note area and in velocity/CC/aftertouch editor.
  • The pencil tool now allows for inserting/removing notes on drag (to insert/remove a note at every snap value).
  • Improved editing of future hit instruments (built-in shaker and tambourine instruments).
  • Several keyboard shortcuts have been added.
    • 1: Select arrow tool.
    • 2: Select pencil tool.
    • G: Toggle snap.
    • Q: Quantize selected notes 100%.
    • Ctrl (PC) / Alt (Mac) + arrow up/down: Move selected notes up/down.
    • Ctrl (PC) / Alt (Mac) + arrow left/right: Nudge selected notes left/right.
    • Arrow left/right/up/down: Change selected note.
    • Shift + I: Invert selection.
    • S / M: Solo/mute selected instrument/articulation rows.
    • Alt + S/M: Clear/recall solo/mute.
    • Ctrl (PC) / Alt (Mac) + A: Select all (in last clicked view).
  • New Options menu
    • Added the possibility to stretch notes to half and double tempo as well as convert between 4/4 and 6/8.
    • Snap can be changed to snap to "relative" which means a note's offset to the grid line is preserved when moving it.
    • Nudge can be set to move a 128th note, one millisecond or follow the current snap setting.
  • New Select menu
    • Different options to select notes added here (like select only 8th notes, invert selection, exclude notes, etc.).
  • Velocity/CC/aftertouch editor changes
    • New graphics.
    • The dynamics knob has been replaced by three new sliders in velocity mode (velocity, dynamics and randomize).
    • The new sliders can be detached to allow for other editing in the velocity area.
    • The curve edit menu now has a recent section to quickly swap between the last edited CC/aftertouch/velocity.
    • Entries in the curve edit menu are now highlighted in case an active curve is available for that CC/aftertouch note.
    • Added aftertouch editing, both poly pressure and channel pressure.
    • CC curves can now be disabled.

Song Track:

  • Paste menus now also show CC values.
  • CC information on MIDI blocks is now retained when overwriting a block with another (to keep for example macro automation intact).
  • Added an "Auto-Scroll" option to allow/stop the view from scrolling automatically when playing.
  • Paste is enabled at playhead position in Block menu if no block is selected.
  • When dropping MIDI from User MIDI, a dialog is shown with option to import tempo map and time signatures also.
  • Darker tempo edit background color so that it's easier to see the tempo.


  • Renamed "Show Related Grooves" to "Show Similar Grooves" and "Show in Browser" to "Select Containing Folder.".
  • Renamed "CC Numbers" in control right-click menus to "Bind to CC.".
  • Added project name header in file menu.
  • Renamed "Scaling" to "Scale" in the View menu.
  • Removed the "file not supported" dialog when dragging unsupported files to the plug.
  • SD3 presets are now shown before the SD2 presets in the preset menu.
  • In Edit Play Style, the Edit and View menus are no longer disabled and the Song Creator may also be used.
  • Metronome settings have been added.
  • Auto-save system added. If the standalone is not closed properly, it asks if you want to load from auto-save next time it is opened.
  • Added "Rescan User Presets" to preset menus.
  • Tempo and time signatures are now included in dragged MIDI files where possible.
  • Added 'Delete' to the Drums and Mixer user presets arrow menus.
  • If the chosen Drums and Mixer preset is not found, it written in parentheses and in italics.
  • Better names on MIDI loops when dragging from Song Creator, Tap2Find and User MIDI.
  • Added a runtime No Audio Device warning.
  • New fonts that work on both PC and Mac.
  • Added option to "keep output routing on preset change" to the library preset menu.
  • Lots of new graphics.
  • Improved undo messages.
  • Added more actions to undo/redo system.
  • Improved alphabetical sort of the sound libraries.
  • Updated network support.
  • Added 125% scale option.
  • More window size options in the view menu (3 set sizes and an option to set custom window size).
  • On Windows, upon Reset in View menu, the window is rescaled to the DPI of the current monitor if main monitor has been switched.
  • On Windows, upon mouse-up after dragging the main window to a monitor with a different DPI, the user is given an option to rescale the interface.
  • Added Load Default Project and Delete Current Default Project to the File menu.
  • New graphics for the authorization dialogs.
  • About dialog has new design.
  • If a temporary file can't be created as part of a drag operation, an alert dialog is shown.
  • New design of several tabs in settings.
  • Added handle dot to release curve slope.
  • Old EZdrummer 1 Mixer Presets can now be found under Parts Presets – Mixers.
  • Windows systems with a disk formatted with MacDrive software can now access their sounds.
  • Substituted articulations will now play the entire stack instead of only the main articulation.
  • Added 'Reset to Original' and 'Clear All' to the MIDI Mapping property box menu.
  • Added a visual handle to the Envelope Curve in the Envelope and Offset property box.
  • Added User Presets to the Envelope and Offset property box.
  • Added indicator on the curve in the Velocity Curve property box.
  • It is now possible to select more than the currently loaded library's instrument types when creating a User Instrument based upon an imported audio file.
  • CC-controlled instruments will now play the entire stack of the target articulation.
  • Renamed the menu item in the Macro Control area to "Macro Control Settings...".
  • Changed automatic MIDI assignment when adding new instrument so that it works better (with cowbell for example).

Grooves Tab:

  • Inactive folders are now easier to read when they are selected.
  • User MIDI libraries/folders are now scanned in the background to check if the folders are in sync. If a folder is not in sync, a orange dot will appear next to the menu button for that library, and in the menu the same orange dot is shown next to the "Sync File Changes" entry.
  • The installation dialog now has progress animation.
  • Improved handling of User MIDI section.
    • Show right-click menu when clicking on empty area in subfolder.
    • Show dimmed icon if folder is empty.
    • Select new path upon creating new subfolder.
    • E-drum presets can now be selected for User MIDI and mounted folders.
  • It is now more apparent if preview playback is altered (half tempo, original tempo, etc.).
  • Added Groove Parts, previously known as 'Kit Pieces' in Superior Drummer 2.
  • MIDI library names are now alphabetically sorted under each header in the browser.

Song Creator:

  • Song structures are now sorted when scanned from disk (even with Apple File System).

Search for Instrument:

  • When opening the browser for stacking, the entire stack is now previewed upon previewing a drum.
  • Added a menu button on selected rows that shows the same menu as right-clicking.
  • The first column is a bit wider since some text got truncated and the text is now always centered.

Drums Tab:

  • Added "Reset" to the Hi-Hat CC Response box.
  • New error dialog if trying to load a drum and layer limits are set to zero which causes the drum not to load.
  • Removed the "Reset to Original" from the mapping box for added instruments.
  • Added a level indicator for the hi-hat CC edit box.
  • 'Add note automatically...' added to MIDI articulation menu.
  • Added 'Reset Mapping' to the MIDI Mapping box.
  • Clicking on an unmapped articulation records the note of the next mapped articulation (in Tap2Find and on the track).
  • Added 'Copy to Stack' in stack right-click menu.

E-Drum Settings:

  • Added hi-hat and snare position indicator.
  • Calibration mode for the e-drum hi-hat pedal.
  • Added lots of new e-drum mappings.
  • Improved handling of aftertouch.

Advanced Settings:

  • Restoring factory databases now has progress animation.

Libraries Settings:

  • The path to Toontrack MIDI and EZXs can now be changed if the current one is missing, invalid or empty.


  • Added a text filter to the macro edit view.
  • Macro knobs now have tooltips.


  • The solo/mute system has been reworked and improved.
  • Descriptive labels have been added in the effect windows. The loaded preset and side chain is now shown on the buttons.
  • Side chain is now included when copying/moving effect boxes.
  • A menu has been added next to "Edit Visibility," with an icon that shows when a channel with audio is hidden.
  • Removing sends, turning sends on/off and changing pre/post on sends now applies to all selected channels.
  • Removing effects now applies to all selected channels.
  • Added a bypass effects button on each mixer channel.
  • Added a right-click menu on channels.
  • Added option to mute channels pre/post send.
  • Send boxes now show graphically if the send is pre effects, pre fader or post fader.
  • Send and effect boxes have improved GUI with mouse-over hovering effect.
  • Effect/send boxes are highlighted when they have an open window.
  • Added multi-select operations to inserts and sends.
  • The user will now be alerted if any of the hidden channels contains audio and has the option to unhide those channels.
  • The Show Channels buttons will now contain information about how many channels that are hidden.
  • Added a value on the slider in Level Envelope Releases property box.
  • "Apply Multichannel Outputs" now preserves bus routing.


  • While playing with Follow Host active, you can now stop the playhead by pressing Stop button in Tracker, or pause/continue by pressing the Play button.
  • If Follow Host is active, the playhead will no longer stop when reaching the end of the last audio block.
  • When you had changed a time signature, the next time you opened Find Tempo, all tempos got updated. Now all tempos preceding the time signature change are preserved and only the tempos after it will be updated to match the new bar times.
  • Speeded up the interface repainting.
  • Possibility to drag empty loops from Tracker Export to song track.
  • Added articulation submenu to the wave track right-click menu.
  • Timebars draw bar decimals when zoomed in now.
  • New Target popup design.
  • New layout of Instrument Alert Popup.
  • Nudging of transients is now possible.
  • Exported MIDI file division is now 9600 instead of 960.
  • Show Grid option in Tracker menu.
  • Showing "Add Track Drop Zone" button while dragging an audio file inside Tracker.
  • Reduce Bleed tracks are set to all available tracks the first time you open the popup or move the knob.
  • An alert is shown if resampling fails upon loading audio.
  • Split tool now splits all selected tracks.


  • The user gets an option to use default audio settings when saved settings cannot be loaded.
  • If user chooses to continue without audio, audio settings are not saved upon closing.
  • Updated the audio interface handling.


Discussion: Active
LL Cool Whip
LL Cool Whip
28 February 2018 at 11:53pm

Solid update.

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