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Toontrack updates Superior Drummer 3 to v3.2.6 and releases Fields of Rock SDX

Toontrack Music

Toontrack has updated Superior Drummer 3 to v3.2.6 and released Fields of Rock SDX, an all-new expansion for SD 3 by multiple award-winning producer/mixer/engineer Tom Dalgety (Ghost, Pixies, Royal Blood) and drummer Mat Hector (Iggy Pop, Gutterdämmerung).

The Fields of Rock SDX features seven drum kits and a comprehensive collection of percussion instruments. It was captured at Rockfield, the Welsh dairy farm-turned-into-studio that ended up leaving colossal footprints in its now-fifty-year-long path through music history.

This unlikely studio, to which bands like Queen, Rush, Judas Priest, Hawkwind and many of their contemporaries in the 1970s pilgrimaged, became a creative haven where some of the best rock songs of our time materialized. But even beyond the heydays of classic rock, Rockfield has remained a lynchpin in the recording world, attracting top-tier acts across all genres, like Oasis, Coldplay and Manic Street Preachers, just to name a few.

They say:

This SDX sets out to capture the essence of the genre-defining rock albums recorded in the different rooms of the studio, but also to add the modern technology, forward-thinking ideas and ingenuity that take your productions into tomorrow. In addition to using all the great vintage microphones and outboard gear available at Rockfield, the library was recorded through 14 channels of hardware tape emulation, recreating the unmistakable, warm and saturated sound of tape.

This SDX is just as much a nod to the past, an homage to the greats and a respectful bow to the gods of rock as it is a reach into the future. Welcome to a collection of drum tones to last the entire range of rock and beyond.

Feature Spotlight:

  • Seven (7) drum kits and wide selection of cymbals and extra instruments.
  • One comprehensive set of of percussion instruments featuring rototoms, congas, shakers, bongos and more, as well as various multi-sampled foley pieces (cutlery, chairs etc.).
  • Recorded at the iconic Rockfield Studios in UK.
  • Produced and engineered by Tom Dalgety (Ghost, Rammstein, Pixies, Opeth, Royal Blood).
  • Sampled by Mat Hector (Iggy Pop, Gutterdämmerung).
  • Features four individual libraries/configurations (three for drums and one for percussion).
  • Recorded with several ambience and character microphones offering a huge sonic palette.
  • Includes a broad range of rock-oriented presets engineered by Tom Dalgety.
  • Comes with a MIDI library customized for each included kit as well as a dedicated collection of grooves for percussion.

Price: $179.


Superior Drummer 3.2.6 Release Notes



  • Added support for pinch zooming with trackpad on Mac – on the song track, in the grid editor and in the tracker.

Grid Editor:

  • When a different song block is selected on the track, the note selection now changes to become all notes in the rows/instruments that are selected (like it worked in version 3.2.4).
  • If the grid editor is visible, selecting a song block will move the playhead to the beginning of the block and scroll the grid editor (like it worked in 3.2.4).

Grooves Tab:

  • Third-party MIDI located in the Toontrack MIDI folder is yet again shown and formatted in the browser like Toontrack MIDI (reverts a change in 3.2.5).

Bug Fixes


  • In some versions of Pro Tools 11 and 12, trying to insert the plug-in would result in AAE error -14018.
  • The AU should no longer crash when added in REAPER with one track per bus.
  • Scrolling using trackpads and similar on Mac has been adjusted in many views so that it is as fast as in the OS (standard applications).
  • CC values were exported and played back with too large delta (in version 3.2.5 only). It's now even lower than before so that hi-hat splashes sound better.

Song Track:

  • Deleting a song track no longer causes a crash.
  • Dragging a MIDI block into a hole between two blocks on the song track did not shorten the dragged block to fit the hole.
  • Dropping files with multiple tempos/time signatures did not work properly.
  • "Select Containing Folder in Grooves" is no longer disabled for song blocks that are created by dragging from the Song Creator.

Grid Editor:

  • Changing libraries with the CC editor being open in the grid editor would cause a crash.
  • Some notes that should not have been shown were visible at the end of a block and were silent.
  • With the pencil tool active, moving the mouse in the grid editor would show and move a horizontal line in the velocity editor instead of a vertical line.

Drums Tab:

  • Removing an instrument could in some cases lead to a crash.
  • Changing a part of a stacked instrument was incorrectly handled in some cases and a message that the library was damaged could appear.
  • Loading a rack tom on the "Hightom" position in Gospel EZX did not use the graphics of the loaded rack tom.

Mixer Tab:

  • Several crashes involving enabling, moving and adding effects have been fixed.
  • Changing libraries with an EQ window open would cause a crash.
  • Changing Q for a node in the EQ window using mouse wheel with "natural scroll direction" was inverted.


  • The ride and some other instrument mappings were broken in presets TD-20, TD-27, TD-30, TD-50 and DTX-Pro (in version 3.2.5 only).
  • Improved cymbal choke support in some Medeli presets.
  • Improved support for AUX triggers (Roland/Yamaha/Alesis).
  • Added Alesis Surge preset.
  • Added Yamaha DTX Series preset.
  • Some renaming of Yamaha presets to better represent their purpose.


  • On Apple silicon Macs, the standalone would always start in Rosetta mode.


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