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TwistedWave updated to v1.10 and TwistedWave Remote released

TwistedWave for Mac has been updated to version 1.10 and the iOS version has been updated to v1.2. Also, TwistedWave Remote, a new free iPhone application that can be used to remotely control TwistedWave, has been released

New icons: TwistedWave has a new icon and new toolbar buttons. These are available for both the mac and the iOS version.

TwistedWave Remote: You can use TwistedWave Remote to start and stop playback or recording. It will also allow you to place markers while you are playing back audio, or in the middle of a recording session. In order to use it, you have to open TwistedWave's preferences window, and select "Enable TwistedWave Remote". You can get it now on the App Store.

DIRAC 3 Pro: TwistedWave was now upgraded to DIRAC 3 Pro, for a faster speed and better quality when pitch shifting or time stretching audio files. Additionally, because it was upgraded to the Pro version, it offers a better support for files with more than two channels when pitch shifting or time stretching. Previously, when processing files with more than two channels, TwistedWave would process the channels as individual pairs, resulting in phase problems.

Saving mp2 files: With this update, TwistedWave now also gains support for saving mp2 files. Until now TwistedWave could only read these files.

Two new toolbar buttons: Volume and loop buttons are now available in the toolbar. The loop button can be used to enable or disable looping when playing back audio. If you already had TwistedWave installed, these buttons may not appear by default. You can get them by right-clicking on the toolbar, and selecting "Customize Toolbar...".

Fixed YouTube import: YouTube's web pages has recently changed, making them incompatible with TwistedWave. This was now fixed, and you can now download YouTube movies' sound track in TwistedWave.

TwistedWave for iOS update
New features and improvements:

  • New export options:
    • It is possible to send an audio file to Dropbox.
    • Email a link or upload by FTP an mp3 file encoded and hosted online on twistedwave.com.
    • Browser access to allow downloading and uploading files from/to TwistedWave with a browser on your computer.
  • More effects:
    • Delay effect.
    • Compressor/limiter effect.
    • Pitch shifting/time stretching with DIRAC.
  • Better support for large files
    • Previously, when you were recording large files, TwistedWave could get out of memory, and would quit. Now, it is possible to record for many hours. The only limit is the storage capacity for the audio file.
    • Furthermore, when reopening a large document, one hour long or more, TwistedWave should now be much more faster.
  • TwistedWave remembers the position and selection when you reopen a document.
  • Added buttons to cut, crop and loop the audio.
  • The cursor and selection are automatically adjusted to zero crossings to avoid clicks when copy/pasting audio.
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