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u-he updates Presswerk to v1.1


u-he has released a new Presswerk update for Mac OS X and Windows. Version 1.1 includes a few bug-fixes, but the main improvement introduced with this update are the six new views – dedicated, streamlined versions of the interface to help you focus on a specific task and speed up your workflow:

  • Drum Compressor: Lively and responsive, characterful and robust. Add 'New York style' compression with ease.
  • Vocal Compressor: Fewer controls and lots of automatic behaviour. Comes with instant de-esser switch and an Enhancer for extra clarity and air.
  • M/S Program Compressor: For independent manipulation of the mid- and side- portions of a stereo signal.
  • Easy Compressor: Suitable for any kind of material, a fast way to smooth out dynamic fluctuations and make your tracks instantly compact.
  • Bus Compressor: Caters for more complex audio material, instantly provides 'glue'. Transparent, optionally semi-automatic.
  • Limiter: Use the brickwall limiter view whenever you need to maximize levels with minimum artifacts.

This update is free for current owners of Presswerk and is available for download at u-he.com.



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