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Voxengo releases Shumovick 2.0 Creative Noise-padding Plugin


Voxengo has announced the release of Shumovick 2.0, a creative dynamic noise-padding effect plugin available in AAX, AudioUnit, VST and VST3 plug-in formats, for macOS and Windows computers.

Shumovick is a renamed and improved version of CRTIV Shumovick. It features the following changes:

  • Redesigned the user interface.
  • Added the "Pre-Delay" and "Stereo" parameters.
  • Made the "Dry Mute" switch persistent: its state is not affected by preset loading using plug-in's preset features.
  • Updated the noise generator to PRVHASH 4.3.
  • Changed noise gain range to -30..12.

Shumovick produces a creative dynamic noise-padding effect. This effect is most effective on beats and synth sounds used in electronic music production: EDM, hip-hop, and many others. The noise-padding effect created by this plug-in is correlated to the spectral content of the sound being processed.

As a result, on beats, this creates mellow noise bursts that make bassdrum sounds a lot softer, with a bit of stereo-field enhancement effect. On synths, on the other hand, such noise-padding effect may boost the power and density of the sound. Shumovick can be also effective when used on sterile-sounding basslines where it can add a bit of "pillowy" noise background. In practice, Shumovick can be also used on acoustic drum buses adding "vintage" feel and aggression to them. When used on a full mix lightly, Shumovick can add a slight "vintage" feel to the sound, make it slightly rougher, and add a stereo-widening effect: this is reminiscent of what a reel-to-reel tape and vinyl recording media does to the sound, naturally.

Shumovick is a relatively CPU-demanding effect plug-in, so it requires a higher-end computer processor for a comfortable use. However, the CPU requirements can be lowered by adjusting plug-in's processing band count.


  • Noise-padding signal envelope controls.
  • Noise-padding signal equalization.
  • Selectable processing band count.
  • 64-bit floating point processing.
  • Preset manager.
  • Undo/redo history.
  • A/B comparisons.
  • Contextual hint messages.
  • All sample rates support.
  • Zero processing latency.
  • User interface color schemes.
  • Resizable interface.
  • Retina and HighDPI support.

Price: US$49.95. Shumovick is free for Premium Membership owners. Discontinued CRTIV Shumovick can be upgraded to Shumovick for US$9.95. 20% off sale is currently in effect.

A demo version of Shumovick can be downloaded freely at the Voxengo web site.



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