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Voxengo releases Elephant Mastering Limiter Plugin v5.0


Voxengo has announced the release of version 5.0 of Elephant, the mastering limiter plugin available in AAX, AudioUnit, VST, and VST3 plug-in formats, for macOS and Windows computers.

New in version 5.0:

  • Version 5 release, upgrade requires a new license. It is fully backwards-compatible, sound-wise.
  • Implemented the new "EL-5" limiter algorithm.
  • Updated the noise generator to the latest PRVHASH 4.3.
  • Added the "Panel border" palette modifier.
  • Updated all palettes, to reduce "border" contrast. An existing palette may need to be reloaded for the change to be visible.
  • Improved overall graphics drawing performance.
  • Improved knob's renderings.
  • By frequent user request, the "Solo" switch's state is now saved together with the preset (a part of the routing parameters). While this opens up a possibility of leaving the "Solo" switch enabled and forgotten, this provides more flexibility, e.g. when mid/side processing is used.

The "EL-5" algorithm introduced in Elephant version 5 takes the best from "EL-4" and classic "AIGC" algorithms. The "EL-5" is not as loud and "hard" as the "EL-4" algorithm, but it is much more precise than "AIGC" algorithms while producing an alike smooth sound. This algorithm better retains dynamical structure of the program material while at the same time adds a unique "sparkling and fresh mojo" to the resulting sound. This algorithm is responsive to the "Timing" and "Rls/Atk Ratio" parameters that can be adjusted to tune the algorithm further.

Note that the upgraded version can be demoed without losing previous version's authorization: simply install the new version over an existing version. If the new version does not "click", you may reinstall a previous version back, in-place.

Intro Price: $84.44 (Reg. $119.95).

Elephant version 5 is a free upgrade to Premium Membership owners. Owners of previous Elephant versions can upgrade the license to version 5 for US$49.95. The upgrade is free if a previous version was purchased in the recent 180 days.



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