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Voxengo updates TEOTE Automatic Spectral Balancer Plugin to v1.10


Voxengo has updated TEOTE ("That's Easier On The Ear"), an automatic spectral balancer plugin, to v1.10.


  • Implemented the "C/S/F" topology selector. This feature is fully backwards-compatible, sound-wise.
  • Made the filters switch off at extreme knob positions.
  • Added automation parameters for all previously introduced features.

The "C/S/F" selector adjusts envelope follower's topology. While the numerical modes adjust timings, this selector specifies structure (or schematic) of the envelope follower that produces a dynamic envelope:

  • The "C" mode is a "classic" topology first introduced in TEOTE 1.0.
  • The "S" mode is a symmetric topology which is similar to the "C" topology, but with some of its boost-cut asymmetries removed. This is now a default mode as it produces a comparably less "muffled" sound; however, this mode may require a lower "Slope" setting since it sounds brighter. Compared to the "C" topology, the "S" topology produces fewer low-frequency overshoots and has a more pronounced mid-frequencies, but it sounds less "vintage", subjectively.
  • The "F" topology implements a filter-like schematic which works as a low-pass filter, without attack-release switching logic. This topology usually sounds overly snappy an d "in your face", so adjustments of the "Base Atk" and "FX" parameters may be required; this mode does not require the "Base Rls" parameter.


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