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Voxengo updates Elephant to v4.13


Voxengo has updated to Elephant, a mastering limiter plugin, to version 4.13.

Changes in version 4.13:

  • A new white-noise generator for dithering implemented, with a lot better sound, based on Aleksey Vaneev's PRVHASH research.
  • Improved the quality of oversampling filters. This may change (improve) the sound of previously created projects where plug-in was used.
  • Internal channel letters were changed to numbers.
  • Level meters can now display input channel names instead of internal channel indices.
  • Added "Stereo Swap" and "Stereo To Mono" routing presets.
  • Added AudioComponents interface to AudioUnit as the ".rsrc" interface may be deprecated in the future.

Price: $94.

IMPORTANT: This version has changed its product key format. If you already purchased this plug-in, to use this version, please visit the Voxengo web site and get a new key at the User Area (if you obtained a product key from a reseller, you will need to add your existing product key there first), or use the Automatic key download feature of the plug-in itself.



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