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WaveMachine Labs updates Auria for iPad to v1.11 - Adds FXpansion DCAM BusComp and DCAM ChanComp as in-app purchase options

WaveMachine Labs

WaveMachine Labs has updated Auria, the 48-track digital audio recording system for iPad, to version 1.11.

Added in Auria 1.11:

  • Import from AudioShare menu item.
  • New CoreAudio mode settings. Allows choosing between Legacy, Standard and MultiRoute modes.
  • New FXpansion plugins: DCAM BusComp and DCAM ChanComp are available as in-app purchases for $14.99 each.

Fixed in Auria 1.11:

  • Problem starting Auria with iOS 5.x.
  • Load Video is greyed out.
  • Record-enabled tracks are left out of Mixdown.
  • Entering a different filename during Mixdown causes a crash.
  • Mixdown could use too much memory when using automation.
  • Bar numbering in editor should start at 1 and display odd bars.
  • Bar/beat numbering for time signatures with denominators of 2.
  • Issue with snapping at bar number 1.
  • Tempo is not always saved after closing Time Settings box.
  • Volume cuts out when using 32-bit float wav files and auto-crossfade.
  • Issue with setting offset trim handle to before 0 when snap enabled.
  • In rare cases a corrupted project could cause Auria not to open.

Added in 1.10:

  • MIDI Sync support with MTC, MMC and MIDI clock options.
  • MIDI support for plugins.
  • MIDI remote control for controlling Auria with Mackie MCU and HUI surfaces.
  • Full MIDI MTC chase capability.
  • New versions of all the FabFilter plugins with MIDI input support.
  • Icon Toolbar.
  • Region-based Gain Handles.
  • Mixdown e-mail option.
  • Snap to Locators, Markers and Highlight.
  • Link Locators and Highlighting.
  • AudioShare integration.
  • Auto-input monitor option in Settings: will automatically turn off rec-enable when playing back.
  • Load from snapshot if project fails to load.
  • Higher resolution grid lines when in Bars:Beats mode.
  • Semi-transparent regions when moving.
  • New drum loop library from Hollywood Loops, Platinum Rock Drums, available in the Auria Store.
  • New multi-track drum loop library from MoReVoX, Multitrack Loops, available in the Auria Store.

Fixed in 1.10:

  • Improved Audiobus functionality with automatic track creation.
  • Fixed occasional Audiobus crash when switching apps.
  • Fixed issue with freezing when recording after setting input matrix to an Audiobus input.
  • Long recordings now correctly import into project.
  • Issue with automation not being drawn beyond the current screen.
  • Issue with mono mixdown and naming tracks.
  • Sidechain input now updates when moving and deleting tracks.
  • Sidechain not always working on Subgroup plugins.
  • Issue with AAF import not setting the samplerate correctly at 48k or 96k.
  • Added track number to start of filename when exporting stems.
  • Muted regions don't stay muted when copy/pasted.
  • Split stereo is selectable when using mp3 mode in mixdown.
  • When opening project at a different sample rate than a background app, it wouldn't open properly.
  • Fixed crash which could occur when changing track order.
  • Fixed crash when undoing Delete Track.
  • Fixed issue with sub-beat value in counter displaying 119 instead of 000 when in Bars:Beat mode.
  • Import audio and load project text labels truncate in the middle instead of at the end.
  • Normalize function sometimes adds latency.
  • Improved quality of convolution reverb in high-quality mode.
  • Default name for a mixdown is now the project name instead of "Mixdown.wav".
  • Fixed issue with symbols in project name causing issues when saving to DropBox.
  • Issue with saving presets in ChannelStrip and MasterStrip.
  • Auto-return not returning to loop start if double-tapping the stop button.
  • Issue with Drumagog freezing when auditioning samples while playing a loop.
  • Issue with using Split Stereo option when mixing down.
  • Issue with re-doing a frozen track after undo.
  • m4a import problem.
  • Can't delete m4a or video files.
  • Issue with importing aiff files from DropBox.
  • Deleting Aux presets.


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