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Wavosaur updated to v1.0.7.0


Wavosaur, the free audio editor for Windows, has been updated to version


  • VST host update:
    • VST host interface changed.
    • Arrows added to change the position of the VST.
    • New button disposition at the left of the dialog box.
    • Support for deprecated VST Idle message increased.
  • MP3 import changes:
    • Mp3 decoder optimization.
    • Decrease RAM usage during import.
    • File decoding improved (no more "break before end" mp3).
  • Frequency editor / Spectrum analysis:
    • New windows with status bar and tool bar.
    • Window is now independant (can be visualized next to mainframe).
    • Cursor added with mouse control, showing the frequency at cursor.
  • Time bar display changed:
    • Minute format added.
    • Dynamic display.
    • Real time sonogram: saturation level could be change with mouse wheel.
    • 3D frequency editor: mouse wheel support added for zoom in/out.
    • Lowercase file name bug fixed for loading.
    • New dialogbox for new file: possibility to choose duration or sample number.
    • Synthesis: new dialog box with note choice with octave and semitone choice.
    • New tool: note frequency calculator.


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