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Wavosaur updated to v1.0.0.9000


Wavosaur has been updated to v1.0.0.9000.


  • New : volume automation added: You can insert and edit a multi-point volume envelope, edit the volume envelope while listening to your sample in real time:
    • Double click to add point.
    • Double click on point to delete.
    • Right click on points to select point type and other features.
    • Linear, Smooth, Hold and Curve point added.
    • Apply volume automation on current file.
    • Reset list of points to 0dB.
    • Kill all automation points.
    • Real time playing of automation.
    • Volume automation is saved to wav file (SDK available soon for dev: contact us for more details).
    • Volume automation toolbar added.
  • Full support of GUI less VST: VST without GUI can be tweaked now.
    • VST rack updated to support tweaking with slider.
    • Parameter display in text field.
  • VST rack news:
    • Toolbar bug fixed.
    • Rack dialog box is now minimizable.
    • VST plugin GUI is now minimizable.
    • Double click added to open VST GUI in plugin list.
    • Only selected channel are processed (unselected channel are ignored).
  • All wavosaur toolbars are movable, dockable and positions are memorized.
  • First version of french translation available Wavosaur. : copy this file inside your wavosaur directory.
  • Loop properties dialog box added: possibility to change midi note, type, etc.
  • 64 bits wav file support:
    • Import binary.
    • Batch processor.
    • 'New' dialog updated.
  • Display bug at end of file fixed.
  • Skin file name added in editor configuration dialog.
  • Unselected channel are now grayed in dB bar.
  • Open file dialog and save as dialog has now explorer style.
  • Horizontal marker added in Options menu.
  • Most recent file number (in File menu) is now configurable in cfg file.
  • Loop points toolbar added.
  • Lock loop and marker added in toolbars.
  • Scrollbar bug fixed (resizing).
  • Delete marker and loop added: right click on the marker or loop point to display popup menu.
  • Pause button behavior changed.
  • VST compatibility improved.


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