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Wavosaur updated to v1.0.1.0


Wavosaur has been updated to v1.0.1.0.


  • VST Rack updated:
    • Up and down added to change the VST order ; use these button to move up or down the VST plugins in the effects chain.
    • Mute, solo & reset function added for each VST plugin : you can now bypass or solo the plugins in the effects chain.
    • Apply bug fixed.
  • Vu meter added:
    • Dockable.
    • Menu 'View'->Vu meter.
    • Configurable scale (popup menu for right click, saved in ini).
  • Autoscrolling during play added: the feature could be deactivated in configuration dialog box.
  • Gapper effect updated: possibility to change gap frequency (start frequency and end frequency).
  • Frequency editor parameters saved in ini file, check button added (menu).
  • Audio configuration dialog bug fixed (happening with RME ASIO).
  • Middle button on mouse is now active for moving sound file when right-click is used for contextual menu. Otherwise this is the right button that is used for dragging the waveform.
  • Zoom on mouse pointer added : use the F3 and F4 keys to zoom on mouse pointer.
  • Selection, markers and loop behavior improved (dragging and moving).
  • Multimedia keyboard keys support:
    • Use you keyboard to command Wavosaur playing : Play, stop, next and previous command added.
    • It could be deactivated in editor configuration dialog.
  • Add marker by MIDI command added (MIDI CC 39): see .cfg file to configure the MIDI CC.
  • Sample edition added in 'Tools' menu: you can change the value of a single sample with the mouse.
  • Add loop command added in batch processor: automatically add loop points at start and end of the processed files.
  • Option toolbar added:
    • Various configurations.
    • Show on/off selection grid lines & horizontal marker added.
  • Import binary bug fixed (frequency reset).
  • ALAW & ULAW saving bug fixed.
  • Playbar behavior updated (arrow key and page up&dn).
  • Grid lines automatically turned off for small selection.
  • Frequency editor updated with -60dB level.
  • Red noise synthesis added (brown(ian) noise by white integration).
  • Main window positions and sizes are now memorized (ini file): it's always possible to show the window maximized at startup in Editor configuration dialog box.
  • Reminder on close modified.
  • Ctrl+E added to zoom on selection.
  • Ctrl+R added to zoom out full.


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