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Wavosaur updated to v1.0.2.0


Wavosaur has been updated to v1.0.2.0.


  • Snap to zero crossing when making a selection added in configuration dialog and in option menu, use Ctrl+B to activate/deactivate.
  • Audio input monitoring added: button near record button to show input level on vu-meter.
  • Clipping detection added for vu-meter: click on the clipping led to reset (or use right click context menu).
  • Slicing/region features added:
    • Auto slice region (alpha version): detect peak and mark automatically regions.
    • Scramble region (randomize regions position, very interesting to find new rhythms...).
    • Set N regions, dialog box added.
  • Popup menu (right click) on the DB bar shows a contextual menu for channel manipulation:
    • Select/deselect channel.
    • Solo: just the selected channel is active.
    • Channel suppression.
    • Channel clone.
    • Blank channel insertion.
    • Swap channel.
  • "Disable VST processing after apply" added in configuration dialog Box.
  • Kill loop points added in batch processor.
  • Last files opened remembered at startup: this option could be deactivated in configuration dialog box.
  • Reset button added in cfg dialog box to default parameters.
  • Maximized child added in cfg file : 1 all child opened will be maximized, 0 child are opened with standard size and positions.
  • Paste replace option added in configuration dialog box.
  • MIDI configuration dialog box updated:
    • All command codes are now configurable inside wavosaur (midi code in decimal value).
    • It's possible to reset all the command to default values (Reset button added).
  • Convert to mono:
    • Mix all channels added (multichannel support).
    • Selection of center, back left and back right added.
  • Popup menu added on time bar (right click) to change time format.
  • Resample check box memorized.

Bug fixes:

  • Loop point "out of wav" bug fixed.
  • Selection bug fixed (pitch shift).
  • ASIO bug fixed.


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