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Wavosaur updated to v1.3 for Windows - Introduces Widgets


Wavosaur, the free audio editor application for Windows, has been updated to 1.3 introducing Widgets, which are completely dockable windows with high performance measurements for various audio parameters, such as:

  • Real time output FFT (multichannel).
  • RMS power measurements.
  • Scope mode for output signal visualization.
  • Panning for stereo analysis.

Other changes in v1.3:

  • Lots of bug corrections/optimizations x86 & x64-bit.
  • Channel processing:
    • Auxiliary left and auxiliary right channel conversion to mono.
    • Conversion to mono optimized with mix of only selected channels.
  • New "Select all" feature on right click.
  • New FXP and FXB management with strong support of Steinberg VST2.4 program and bank files.


Discussion: Active
5 March 2017 at 5:45pm

Such a nice software but still no FLAC support.... sad.

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