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XILS-lab updates PolyKB to v3.5


XILS-lab has announced the release of version 3.5 of PolyKB III, which emulates the white whale French polyphonic analog synthesizer Polykobol II.

The Path Function: The Voice XY and Space XY have offered Per Voice Modulation since version II, which means that each note can be different from the previous one, with 4 XY modulation targets, along with true-stereo placement. With version 3.5, you can now freely draw a modulation Path for each note in the Voice and Space XY vector squares. So you can create some precise sweeps of all kinds, or very fast Filter/Envelope/Oscillators modulations for each note. Or everything in between, and get a huge range of totally new sounds, effects and playing techniques.

New Preset manager: PolyKB III.5 has inherited the new Xils integrated One Window Preset Manager: Find the right preset in seconds, create your own tags; multi-selection/multi-tagging, export/import and manage banks, projects, or selections: Everything is there to make your work easier, faster, and more intuitive.

New GUI/UI: The GUI/UI has been revamped: No more knob shadows which made the serigraphs sometimes difficult to read. The Tab selector has been redrawn from scratch, as were redesigned tab content.

More effects: A natural sounding reverb has been added to complete the existing effects board.

More: Other changes include new modulation targets and minor bug fixes.

Celebration Offer
XILS-lab offer you a 45% discount if you purchase the PolyKB III now (valid until June 19th, 89€ instead of 149€ MSRP).



Discussion: Active
30 May 2019 at 6:46pm

A major update to an already really good VST. Faithfull recreation of the PolyKobol, it goes far beyond its model, with specific sound design capabilities.

A real pleasure to discover and to use.

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