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Zynewave releases Podium v1.67


Zynewave has updated Podium to v1.67.


  • Added top menu button to the devices panel with the following commands: 'New Folder...', 'Import Plugin...', 'Import Plugins from Folder...'.
  • Added 'New Folder...' to arrangements panel top menu.
  • Added 'Move to New Folder...' to the context menu of selected objects in the arrangements and devices list.
  • Objects in the arrangements and devices panels can be drag reordered similar to how it's done in the list window. Holding the control key will drop the objects into the object under the cursor.
  • Deleting mappings in the devices panel will automatically delete any related device definition folders.
  • Added 'New projects folder' setting to the various page in the preferences dialog.
  • Using the save command (Ctrl+S) on unsaved projects will automatically save the project in a sub-folder of the 'new projects folder'. A serial number is added to the folder name if a folder with the project name already exists. Previously you always had to use the save dialog to name the project file.
  • The 'File:' info shown in the project properties panel on the start page will for an unsaved project instead show 'New file:' followed by the folder and filename that will be used on the first save. You can override this name by using the 'Save As' command.
  • Unsaved sounds are now saved on disk in sub-folders matching their folder location in the project. This means that sounds created under an arrangement is saved in a sub-folder named after the arrangement.
  • Added 'Save Project As Template' to the file menu, which will save a copy of the current project in the 'Zynewave Podium Projects\Library\Templates' folder. Saved template projects are available from a submenu of the 'New Project' file menu.
  • Fix: The plugin scanning procedure has been moved from a background thread to the UI thread to fix compatibility issues with e.g. RealGuitar2.


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