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Cockos releases REAPER v1.0.5


Cockos has released version 1.0.5 of REAPER.

Changes since v1.0.1:

  • Added "trim silent areas of items" function (edit->item processing->).
  • Added "quantize items to grid" (edit->item processing->).
  • Added "autodock new fx chain windows" setting.
  • Fixed docker saving position when at (0,0).
  • Fixed docker keyboard focus bug.
  • Fixed some menu item enabling issues.
  • Seek on loop selection right edge changes when looping disabled.
  • Improved looping (no longer does seeking to right after a selection cause it to enter the loop).
  • Moved "normalize items" and "move items to preferred positions" to edit->item processing submenu.
  • Fixed reverse item/open copy/etc when an item is muted.
  • MIDI editor: note properties now shows bars/beats instead of just beats.
  • Installer: won't overwrite last project with demo project.
  • Seek on loop selection change uses loop change info to decide whether to seek to start or end
  • You can attach/detach the dock to/from the main window (right click by tabs).
  • Fixed scroll whenever the mouse gets near the right edge of track view bug.
  • CPU performance meter dialog improvement.
  • Updated version of js: majortom.
  • Remove selected area of selected items is now (by default) cut selected area of selected items.
  • Cut selected area of selected items obeys ripple editing, better item selection behavior.
  • Shift click in the same item as the edit cursor is in sets loop selection.
  • Added assignable actions for ripple off/one/all.
  • Added option for resetting VU meter peak indicators on play.
  • Added option to control whether changing the loop selection seeks playback.
  • Shift+doubleclick of items now sets the selection to the area of the item (if configured to open the editor by default, and vice versa).
  • Fixed vst timeinfo resetting to bar 1 on time signature marker.
  • Fixed item/loop splits not locking (causing playback glitch).
  • Fixed MIDI/rearoute recording when no audio input device active.
  • Fixed end-of-item peaks bugs on looped items at certain zoom levels.
  • Wav/aiff/w64 writer: writes correct riff header length.
  • Routing: fixed pre-fx sending of MIDI.
  • Added "Delete selected area of selected items" (ctrl+delete).
  • Ability to resize a loop selections edges over items.
  • Ctrl+right drag over items sets loop selection.
  • Added "insert marker" to timeline right click menu.
  • Fixed a bug when switching themes in prefs/color themes.
  • Added keyboard shortcut list as help menu item, added mouse modifiers to help text.
  • List of kb shortcuts from prefs page shows unassigned actions.
  • Media explorer: fixed loading of projects from media explorer.
  • MIDI editor: centerline/from center CC mode for pan and pitch only.
  • MIDI editor: CC lane shows integer value of mouse position.
  • MIDI editor: ctrl now turns on snapping to center for pitch/pan (default is no snap).


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