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Zynewave releases Podium v1.68


Zynewave has updated Podium to v1.68.


  • Changed the icons for device mapping, preset and parameter objects. The new icons show a circle with letters inside indicating the type of object. This allows differentiation between effects, instruments, sends, returns, preset types and parameter types. Icons for MIDI input, audio input and audio output mappings uses photographic images instead of the circle icons.
  • The track inspector panel headers shows the icons for assigned objects.
  • Added 'Search in File Folder...' to the context menu of broken sound and plugin objects on the project start page. This can be used to relink sound objects to the sound files in case you have moved or renamed the file folder, or to relink plugins that have been reinstalled in a different file folder.
  • Added 'Use name of object assigned to track' option to the track properties dialog. When this option is enabled the name of any mapping or parameter object assigned to the track is automatically used wherever the track name is displayed in the arrangement editor.
  • "Sequence profile" is renamed to the more meaningful "Editor profile".
  • The setup file now stores the arrangement and sound editor profiles that were last selected in each browser window. This makes it easier to use a dual browser setup where e.g. one browser shows a timeline profile and the other a mixer profile.
  • Added 'Sync Browser Navigation' to the view menu of browser windows. If this option is enabled then opening a browser page or editor in one browser will also open it in all other browsers.
  • Added two new arrangement editor profiles to the default setup: "Split - Timeline" and "Split - Mixer".
  • The headers of a collapsed group of tracks are separated by a thin line.
  • Fix: Maximizing the main Podium window on the secondary monitor in a dual monitor setup would not always maximize to the correct resolution.


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