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Ableton updates Live to v8.2.2


Ableton has updated Live 8 to version 8.2.2.

Improvements and feature changes:

  • Added bank names for Amp instant mapping, which in turn fixes a problem with the Axiom DirectLink control surface.
  • Fixed problems with the Mbox2 related to non-integer sample rates.
  • Added control surface support for Akai Professional LPD8.
  • From now on, betas will ask to check for updates only once a week, and starting a week after first run.
  • The "Peek" button on the Axiom Pro now works as a momentary control.

Max for Live improvements and feature changes: (Most of these changes require an update to the latest version of Max, which is available from http://cycling74.com/downloads/):

  • Devices inside Racks can now be accessed via the Max for Live API.
  • Return tracks can now be observed via the Max for Live API.

Live devices and parameters can now be much more easily mapped to controls in Max devices. Devices can safely be moved within a Live Set without breaking any existing mappings. Also, devices and Sets can be saved and loaded without breaking existing mappings. The following changes make this possible:

  • There is now a simple way to observe the selected parameter via the Max for Live API, using "live.path live_set view selected_parameter." This can be used, for example, to build a custom "map mode" to quickly map parameters in your Live Set to controls in a Max device.
  • Live objects like tracks, clips or parameters retain their identity (id nn) during operations like move, save/restore, cut/paste, delete/undo, the identity is global and can be communicated via Max's Send and Receive objects.
  • live.object, live.observer and live.remote~ are now able to remember their target objects when Live sets or presets are saved and restored or when objects are moved within the Live set.
  • Ableton protected samples can now be used in Max for Live device, via the Live.drop object.
  • Fixed a bug where clip slots would lose their id on moving a clip.
  • Fixed navigating and observing control surfaces via the LiveAPI.
  • Repeatedly calling "goto control_surfaces" on a live.path object was producing a different id each time.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when deleting a Rack containing a Max for Live device, where a Remote~ was controlling one of the Macro knobs, and then Undoing the delete action.
  • Navigating the Live Object Model is about two times faster.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when moving tracks that contained automated Max for Live devices.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when replacing one Max for Live device with another if certain modulations existed.
  • If a native Ableton device has parameters that are mapped to a Max for Live device, the mappings will be preserved after hot-swapping the Ableton device.
  • The Track/Chain Activator and Song Tempo are now accessible via the "selected_parameter" property and their path can be queried.
  • "live_app" and "live_app view" can now be persistent in the Max for Live API.
  • Mapping some mixer component on the APC40 (for example) through the Max for Live API wouldn't work without pressing the Pan or Send button on the APC40, which reset the component. This has been fixed.
  • "goto live_set tracks 2 devices" in a set with one track produced id -1, which is wrong. Now it produces id 0.
  • If the LOM id of the observer is persistent, the property of an observed LOM object is persistent, even if it is dynamically changed using a message.
  • Max for Live devices that control the Application objects (e.g. live_app (live_app view)) or which get information about the Live version and document name (e.g. get_major_version (focus_view)) will work when loading the Set, without requiring user interaction.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a problem with nested Macro mappings when the range of a mapped ON/OFF switch, or of a selector switch (such as a filter type switch), is not at default values. In such a case, the right value would be displayed, but the wrong value would be used internally.

    Note: with this fix, you will now hear what you see, although this may mean that previously saved Sets that contained the bug may sound different.

  • Deleting time in the Arrangement View could delete crossfades in certain cases.
  • When using an APC40 and Scratch Live, Scratch Live would sync to the APC but would not initially show the return tracks.
  • If the VST plug-ins folder contained shortcuts/aliases to files in another location on disk, the folder would be rescanned each time Live starts. This has been fixed.
  • When launching a scene with via Key/MIDI mapping or a control surface such as the APC40 while "Select on Launch" is enabled, the Master track became selected. This would result in the selected device switching to the device on the Master track. Now, launching a scene via remote control behaves the same as when launching with the mouse; the device selection doesn't change.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking the status bar, while it displays "Media files are missing", and just after having adjusted a Macro knob.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when adding an audio clip, scrubbing in the clip detail view, and pressing Undo while the mouse was still down for scrubbing.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching between certain audio interfaces on a Mac.
  • Updated Complex Pro libraries to prevent a potential crash.
  • Fixed Transport button behavior for the Akai MPK61 and 88.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening very large Live Sets.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a clip referencing a sample was in the clipboard and when pressing the Edit button (in the File Manager or Clip View) to set the sample offline and then on again.
  • Holding a note while recording a MIDI clip and stopping the transport while the note is held would result in a silent note during play back.
  • If a clip was in Gate Mode, releasing the trigger key within the launch quantization period would still launch the clip.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a clip in Gate launch mode to continue playing after clicking another clip for a very short time.
  • Fixed a bug in how MIDI effect Racks handle latency. Now chains compensate properly against each other.


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