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Multi FX Plugin by Darrell Tam
DtBlkFx by Darrell Tam is a Virtual Effect Audio Plugin for macOS and Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin.
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DtBlkFx is a Fast-Fourier-Transform (FFT) spectral processing plug-in.


Precision parametric equalizing with sharp-roll off:

  • Set the frequencies so accurately that you can adjust individual harmonics of a sound.
  • Frequency resolutions of up to 0.7 Hz.

Harmonic based (or comb) filtering:

  • Set a fundamental frequency and adjust the level of it and its harmonics - you can even remove the pitched component of a voice.
  • Active harmonic tracking - let DtBlkFx automatically track a sound and adjust the level of its harmonics.

Various types of noise control:

  • Change the "contrast" between loud and soft frequency components.
  • Adjust only those frequencies below or above a particular threshold.
  • Clip frequencies above a particular threshold.
  • Sound smearing (phase randomizing).

Frequency shifting:

  • Harmonic shifting by a fixed number of notes.
  • Non-harmonic shifting by a fixed frequency.
  • Active harmonic repitch - the content of your sound is monitored and re-pitched to a destination note.


  • Standard (frequency enveloping) - make your trumpet rap, string section sing or synthesizer talk.
  • Harmonic based - harmonics in one channel are power-matched to those in the other (or some predefined waveforms) for a new vocoding sound.

Frequency masking:

  • A harmonic or threshold mask may be set for any effect (apart from vocoding) - for example only shift frequencies that are below the threshold.

Realtime spectrogram (waterfall) display of input and output sounds:

  • See what frequency components are in your sound and exactly what you've done.
  • Use your mouse to see the note & frequency under the pointer.

You can select up to 4 of the above effects to be run in series - combining the effects in this way allows you to make completely new and surprising sounds.

DtBlkFx is freely distributable and is covered by the terms of the GNU licensing agreement. Source code is included.

Latest User Reviews

Average user rating of 4.25 from 4 reviews

Reviewed By The Chase
May 5, 2018

Meet the new boss - same as the old boss. This old FFT plug-in is still the best all-around FFT freebie.

Whether you want a generic multi-effect, a utility plug-in, or something to mangle your sound into liquidy FFT goodness, it's remains the ultimate FFT tool.

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Reviewed By john glossenger
May 29, 2014

DtBlkFx is a superb spectral processor, and it's free! It has about 30 different algorithms. You can process as many as 8 algorithms in a series, but usually 1 algorithm is enough.

It reminds me of Native Instrument's discontinued Spectral Delay.

The UI shows a nice sonogram of both the original input and DtBlkFx's output. There is a Delay between the input and the output, this value defaults to 1 beat, but you can reduce that so it's almost instantaneous.

The documentation appears well done. I just goofed with parameters until I figured it out.

The UI is somewhat unusual regarding how to adjust coarse and fine values, but it's actually convenient when you get used to it.

The last update appears to be in 2008.

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Reviewed By FarleyCZ
March 7, 2012

If you have ever wondered how they made that high frequency digital "shimmering" layer in Transformers hacking signal, I'd say answer is spectral mangling.

Few ways how to do it. Pricey Alchemy can do a bit of that, but not much. There are some manglers like SpectrumWorx, but they are expansive and doesn't allow some precise "grabing" and "shifting" of content, which is imho coolest things on spectral mangling. Then you have gadgets like Photosounder that are cool featurwise, but you have to process things off-line and import it. Not what you'd like for music production.

And then you get this plug with name you can't pronounce in any other way then spelling. :D

First you need to get used to GUI. Especially sliders that uses mouse position in creative, useful, but unusual way. Once you get it right, you find it HILARIOUS. All passible digital robot voises and stuff in minutes. Amazing. Great for modernising percussion, sound effect. Really creative and cool.

...aaaand then you find that latency. It's horrible! FFT introduce some sound change based on qualitty based on latency setting. One could live with that, but not if there is no support for host's latency compensation at all. SO you need to shift the material, or use Voxengo latency plugs, then your automation needs to be shifted.... That side of this plug is absolutely horrible and i BEG developer to implement that compensation. PLEEEASEEEE.

Summary: Cool amazing and creative plugin with not much of a competition even in payware sector. Wierd GUI and really shame about it not supporting any latency compensation, which makes it hard to use. But still better then exporting like crazy with other softwares. I like it! :)

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Reviewed By soma
June 14, 2008

No reviews so far?!!! Shame on all of you! This is one of the most amazing shape shifting plugins out there. FFT sonic playdoh is what your input becomes.

Very useful for making sound effects especially but also has a utilitairan purpose. Can be used as a simple filter, spectral gate, grabing a certain frequency at a certain volume, etc.
The real fun though is in the smearing of sounds.

I am so glad it is free! It's not something to overuse but can be instant inspiration when you just need to FSU or want a new sound.
Teh developer if I remember correctly came fromt eh Buzz development scene. I can't recall exactly what he made for buzz, perhaps it was the exact same effect?

Theinterface is not so intuitive but once you get it, you will be thankful that it is layed out the way it is. The sliders are for teh frequency range. Some effects are dependant on others, e.g. one effect is teh sidecahin for the other.

DO read teh manual. It is short and concise. Some of the effects you won't figure out on your own. But luckily the manual is well written and short.

Darrell, if you are our there thank you!! We want more!Read Review

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Comments & Discussion for Darrell Tam DtBlkFx

Discussion: Active
25 June 2016 at 5:00pm

If would gladly donate a kidney to get this ported to a x64 AU version.

8 April 2017 at 11:04pm

+1 the same for 64-bit VST version

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