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Sequencer / Multitrack by Apple

KVR Audio news items relating to GarageBand

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Apple updates Logic Pro, GarageBand & MainStage15 Mar 2022Apple updates GarageBand for iOS to v2.3.926 Oct 2020Apple updates Logic Pro, MainStage and GarageBand07 Dec 2018Apple updates GarageBand for iOS to v2.3.710 Nov 2018Apple updates GarageBand for iOS to v2.3.618 Sep 2018Apple updates GarageBand for Mac to v10.3.1 and iOS to v2.3.403 Jul 2018Apple updates GarageBand for Mac to v10.3 - New Drummers, Free Artist Lessons and more27 Jun 2018Apple updates GarageBand for iOS to v2.3 - New Sound Library and Classic Beat Sequencer02 Nov 2017Apple updates GarageBand for Mac & iOS06 Jun 2017Apple sets GarageBand for Mac & iOS Free18 Apr 2017Apple updates Logic Pro X to v10.3 and GarageBand for iOS to v2.2 (10.1.5 for Mac)18 Jan 2017Apple updates Final Cut Pro X to v10.3 and GarageBand to v10.1.328 Oct 2016Apple updates MainStage to v3.2.4 and GarageBand for Mac to v10.1.109 Apr 2016Apple updates GarageBand for iOS to v2.120 Jan 2016Apple updates GarageBand for Mac to v10.1 and for iOS to v2.0.702 Jul 2015Apple updates GarageBand for iOS to v2.0.4 and for Mac to v10.0.317 Oct 2014Apple updates GarageBand for iOS to v2.0.325 Sep 2014KVR Audio Readers' Choice Awards 2013 - The Results (Better Late Than Never!)28 Feb 2014Apple releases Next Generation of GarageBand for Mac and iOS22 Oct 2013App Sound releases GB Inspirator for Apple GarageBand24 May 2012Apple updates GarageBand for iOS to v1.213 Mar 2012Splurgo Audio releases Hard Rock Guitar and Progressive Rock Guitar sample packs10 Feb 2012Loopmasters releases 8 new sample packs for the holidays21 Dec 2011Prime Loops releases "Complex Electro Synths" sound pack30 Nov 2011Apple updates GarageBand App to v1.1 - Now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch07 Nov 2011Nine Volt Audio releases "The Beat Aesthetic: Taiko Edition" in REX, Stylus RMX, Kontakt, ACID & Apple Loop formats12 Oct 2011Steve Jobs passed away yesterday06 Oct 2011Line 6 announces "Mobile In" and "Mobile Pod" for iOS16 Sep 2011Splurgo Audio releases Acoustic Guitar & Urban Bass Loops24 Aug 2011Apple updates GarageBand for iPad to v1.0.102 Jun 2011Redmatica releases GBSamplerManager for GarageBand for iPad30 Mar 2011Apple releases iLife '11 (incl. major upgrade to GarageBand)21 Oct 2010Korg releases nanoKONTROL - Control Surface Plug-in for GarageBand / Logic20 Nov 2009Apple updates GarageBand to v5.1 and releases ProKit 5.005 Aug 2009Apple updates GarageBand to v5.0.218 Jun 2009Apple updates GarageBand to v5.0.105 Feb 2009Apple introduces iLife '09 (incl. GarageBand '09)07 Jan 2009Cakewalk announces $99 DAW Synth Upgrade Offer for Dimension Pro and Rapture29 Aug 2008Puremagnetik releases Clavinet and Amplifier Effect Micropaks for Live, Kontakt, Logic and GarageBand29 May 2008Puremagnetik releases MS-20 Analog Bass Micropak for Live 7, Kontakt 3, Logic 8 and GarageBand25 Apr 2008Puremagnetik releases three new bundles for Live, Kontakt, Logic and GarageBand17 Apr 2008Puremagnetik releases Purple Kit for Live, Kontakt, Logic and Garageband04 Apr 2008Apple updates GarageBand to v4.1.204 Mar 2008Puremagnetik releases TB-303 Micropak for Live, Kontakt & Logic21 Feb 2008Puremagnetik releases PM Mark One for Live, Kontakt, Logic/Garageband25 Jan 2008Apple updates GarageBand to v4.1.117 Dec 2007Puremagnetik releases Circuit:30 - Moog Sounds for Live, Kontakt 2, Logic & Garageband23 Nov 2007Digital Music Doctor releases GarageBand 08 - Know It All! [Video]25 Oct 2007Apple updates GarageBand '08 to v4.128 Sep 2007Apple releases iLife '08 (incl. GarageBand '08)08 Aug 2007macProVideo.com releases Podcasting in GarageBand tutorial videos19 Mar 2007Metric Halo announces ChannelStrip for Garage Band 33% Discount Offer15 Jan 2007macProVideo.com releases GarageBand 101: Mastering GarageBand17 Nov 2006Apple updates GarageBand to v3.0.429 Sep 2006Apple updates GarageBand to v3.0.225 Apr 2006Digital Music Doctor releases GarageBand 3—Know It All! (video)21 Apr 2006Metric Halo releases ChannelStrip for GarageBand05 Apr 2006Apple updates GarageBand to v3.0.103 Mar 2006Apple releases iLife '06 (incl. GarageBand 3)11 Jan 2006appleLoops.com launches11 Nov 2005UltimateSoundBank releases EthnicBoomBox for GarageBand15 Sep 2005Spectrasonics releases New Orleans Strut Library to benefit hurricane victims13 Sep 2005UltimateSoundBank releases ClassicalBoomBox06 Sep 2005Zero-G releases Dance Pack 2 for GarageBand02 Sep 2005Apple updates GarageBand to v2.0.226 Jul 2005Big Fish Audio releases Greg Adams' Big Band Brass26 Apr 2005Zero-G releases World Pack for GarageBand26 Apr 2005Apple releases GarageBand v2.0.126 Apr 2005Apple updates Jam Pack 4: Symphony Orchestra to v1.0.1.20 Apr 2005Dance Pack for GarageBand released21 Mar 2005Apple announces Garageband 212 Jan 2005ExsManager v2.7 released15 Nov 2004Zero-G releases ProPack for GarageBand08 Oct 2004GB Steptime Loops v1.1 released04 Oct 2004Apple releases two new Jam Packs29 Sep 2004USB SonicBoomBox released13 Sep 2004Apple GarageBand v1.1 released18 May 2004Apple introduces Logic Pro 6 & Logic Express 620 Jan 2004

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