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Genesis Pro

Genesis Pro
Genesis Pro by OZ-Soft is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin for Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin.
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Genesis Pro is a Next Generation Virtual Hybrid Synthesizer designed to extend your creative potential.

3 Oscillator modes:

  • Mod Oscillator (Substractive - FM - PD)
    • Load custom ROMs in SF Format.
    • 2 Waves each selectable from 6 waveforms.
    • Unison Modes x2 x4 x6 up to 24 voices per key.
    • FM and FM Filter.
    • Multiple Phasing Modes.
    • Wave Reshaping / Morphing.
    • Wave Surface.
    • Multiple PW modes.
    • Layering Mode up to x2.
  • Rom Oscillator (Rom - Subtractive - FM - PD)
    • 2 Waves selectable Over 200 waveforms.
    • Unison Modes x2 x4 x6 up to 24 voices per key.
    • Multiple Phasing Modes.
    • FM and FM Filter.
    • Wave Reshaping / Morphing.
    • Multiple PW Modes.
    • Layering Mode up to x2.
  • Multiwave Oscillator (Hyperwave/Supersaw - Substractive - FM)
    • 4 Hyperwaves each consisting of 8 voices selectable from 6 waveforms up to total of 32 voices per key accurately detuned.
    • FM.
    • Multiple PW Modes.
    • Layering Mode up to x2.

Layer FX (Noise and Fx Oscillator):

  • 1 Wave Selectable over 200 Waveforms.
  • Filter mode (LP/HP/BP/Notch).
  • Sequencer.
  • Note and Velocity Range.
  • Soundfont support.


  • Step sequencer with max 32 Steps.
  • Arpeggiator.
  • [EMA] External MIDI Sequencing (Load custom MIDI files as a sequence).
  • Split Mode (Split sequence to play on upper or lower piano keys).


  • 2 LFOs with 24 selectable waveforms.
  • Step Controller with max 16 steps.
  • 4 ADSR envelopes with 5 destinations.
  • Matrix with 2 Sources and 5 Destinations.
  • Each modulation source can target to 145 destinations.

Filters (Each Oscillator has its own filter):

  • Multi Filter 12db.
  • Multi Filter 24db.
  • Analog + Mod Mode.
  • Hi Pass + Mod Mode.
  • Band Pass + Mod Mode.
  • Band Reject + Mod Mode.
  • Duo Filter Parallel + Mod Mode.
  • Duo Filter Serial + Mod Mode.
  • 5 Saturation modes.

14 High Quality Effects:

  • Distortion (12 different distortion modes).
  • Amp Sim.
  • Bit Reducer.
  • Crusher.
  • Phaser (8 Stages).
  • Flanger.
  • Ensemble.
  • Vibrato.
  • Vowel Filter.
  • Equalizer.
  • Delay.
  • Hyperspace Reverb.
  • Sidechainer.
  • Hyper Filter.

General Features:

  • 12 Key polyphony up to max 480 voices simultaneously.
  • Preset browser with categories.
  • Quick preset browser.
  • Audition Mode (Preset demonstration).
  • User analytics (Work progress analyzer).
  • Portamento Quantizing.
  • Note Remapping.
  • Auto Strum Mode.
  • Auto Glide Mode.
  • Envelope Response.
  • Output Color.
  • Master Limiter.
  • Master Filters.
  • Stereo Image Expander.
  • Auto Key Panning.

Special Features:

  • Dynamic Link (Use any incoming audio signal to modulate values or trigger notes).
  • Harmonizer (Real-time Wave Harmonizing).
  • Morph X (Morph between 4 user selected parameters).
  • Multi Mode (Create multi layered sounds and Split Instruments).
  • X-Gen Tone Generator (Auto preset generator).
  • Intelligent Chord Mode (Makes playing chords easy).
  • Alpha Knob (Link as many knobs and control them with 1 knob).
  • One click template loader (Fx - Modulation and Layering templates).
  • Load custom ROMs in SF Format.
  • Hyperkeys (Assign hotkeys to various actions).
  • Picasso Mode (customize your Genesis Pro).
  • Academy mode (Real-time Live Tutorials - Available in a future update).

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Latest User Reviews

Average user rating of 2.50 from 8 reviews
Genesis Pro

Reviewed By Warkauze [all]
February 27th, 2024
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

This plugin has the potential. Their are a good number of options for synthesis included with this plugin, and their are a lot of interesting and fun things about this synth. Unfortunately it has issues that make it quite hard to enjoy using, such as certain settings not saving, the UI being laggy, and it's CPU use being incredibly high. I do hope that this plugin receives new updates in the future, as I believe it could be an incredible plugin.

Read Review
Genesis Pro

Reviewed By elviecho [all]
July 31st, 2020
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

First: Shame over all complaining about the fact that it is not free.
For 1$ you will not even get a cup of coffee but you want a fully functional, bugfree, complex software for that price.
It is like asking a car reseller for a new car for 100 $.

Second: In my opinon even the first Genesis is one of the most overrated plugins and so is Genesis Pro.
I admit, it has some nice features but what use is it if the interface is fiddly and not resizable?
But the biggest weakness is that 32-bit only fact...in 2020!

Read Review
Genesis Pro

Reviewed By Dejoki [all]
July 30th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Really buggy and unstable, can break your project too.

There are better synths out there for free than this paid plugin.

Wasted potential sadly.

Read Review
Genesis Pro

Reviewed By parapentep70 [all]
June 5th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

I was able to install it, I overcame the few issues related to the unusual process far from clean. But I was not convinced. When I tried to learn more in KVR (too late!) I got the message that this synth is far from a finished product and it made no sense for me to put time on this synth until there were some fixes. It has been 1€ badly spent. I considered the possibility to claim a refund, but for 1€ I decided to wait and see. I waited... but months later I cannot see updates. In their webpage ("Genesis Pro Update") when you click "read more" you open a link recursively pointing to the same page. There is a forum opened 17 days ago, with latest posts written 17 days ago by the developper. Maybe next year Genesis Pro will be a good product, and maybe my 1€ investment will be good. But for now... my hopes are low and I would not recommend. I recommend potential buyers to take a look at the comments here in KVR forum before investing 1€.

The version I tried is not the latest, but the only change reported was related to a fix on a more than questionable "false positive" given by anti-virus programs. Not worth it. Then nothing else.

I will give 1/5 stars because I can run it and it was not worth it enough to test if it is prone to crashes or not, or to investigate deeper some serious reported in the forum.

Read Review
Genesis Pro

Reviewed By ObviousEscapesYou [all]
May 22nd, 2020
Version reviewed: 10 on Windows

So much potential. Install is a little weird. I had to run FL Studio 20 as admin to get it to work. It is slow to load, but does load every time.

The sequences are cheesy, but fun. There are some sounds in this thing, like this beautiful acoustic guitar sound, just mind-blowing.

It's a dollar. It's worth it. It's actually better than Hybrid Air. The control and modification parameters are vast enough to go to far and end up in a rabbit hole to a whole new sound. I would really like more presets for a starting ground to modify as I get use to making adjustments.

The sounds that are good ....are GOOOOOD.

Great intro price to get acquainted with this company.

Keep evolving, you guys are onto something.

I am running 64-bit Windows and 64-bit FL Studio 20 (latest update).

Read Review

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Comments & Discussion for OZ-Soft Genesis Pro

Discussion: Active
5 April 2020 at 11:54pm

Any updates yet?

26 April 2020 at 1:08pm

this is horrable crap. and nothing else !!! very unstable, produces a lot of crackles, crushes in cubase, and the sound is not that great. still in alpha-phase ....verry far away from a working software !!.

8 July 2020 at 6:06am

Вы большой и глупый человек, наверно все женщины которые имели сказали что вы безмозглый хрен и не умеете пользоватся тем что дает за 1 поцелуй.

4 June 2022 at 10:44am

Too bad it needs to be bridged but luckily my DAW has the best VST bridge in the universe. Further I love the synth :) soo many options, such a great sound and the price is a no-brainer.

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