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Synth (Analogue / Subtractive) Plugin by Synapse Audio
No Longer Available

Junglist has an average user rating of 4.00 from 7 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Junglist

Reviewed By warbug [read all by] on January 29th, 2003
Version reviewed: 3.12 on Windows.
Last edited by warbug on 29th January 2003.
this is a very nice synth for the money its better than the pro 53 IMO. capable of a wide variety of sounds from super percussive bass hits to angelic pads. i have played with the demo version for about 3 months now and i finally got around to buying the real deal and it was well werth it.

-the user interface is very self explanitory and layed out nicely. fluid

- i am very happy with the sounds i ve been able to get out of it. ( i have a virus b and sid station and many top end softsynths )

-the features are nice; i like the percussive envolope and the pitch up /down controls

-it come with very little documentation; some about the filters and the lfo but i did not really need any documentation.

-the presets are kinda hokey BUT DL it and play around with it.

- i tried to email the customer support about a GUI problem in v. 3.11 and they never replied back.

-a deffinite value for the money

-its a bit cpu hungery but not the worst ive ever seen.
Reviewed By 11011011 [read all by] on May 15th, 2002
Version reviewed: 3.0 on Windows
I've come full circle on this thing. I didn't like versions 1 & 2. Version 3 got me actually jazzed enough to pony up and buy it (along with Scorpion 2 and Plucked String 2). I was excited about it because I couldn't get any other synth in my collection to make some of the sounds it made.

That said, I hate to admit that I haven't used this synth on a single completed song to date (six months later). It seems to overpower anything I put it into in any role other than a bassline. Even then, I have to bring out the EQ and compressor every time. It's not too loud, it takes up too much freq room. It sounds awesome on it's own or over just a beat, but it does not play well with others.

The presets are mostly average. Some standouts include: Funky Bass, Nice Bass, Perc Lead, Warble Pad, and ACID 1&2. There are a lot of odd sounds in the presets and I had trouble using most of them.

The idea of having two waveforms to mess with (a'la WaveDream) is sweet, but in practice I have great difficulty programming this beast. If it were 100% intiutive, I wouldn't knock off points for the documentation -- but this thing needs a tutorial for making new sounds.

The MIDI automation is nice, but it uses fixed paramters, requiring you to program your hardware to use it, rather than a MIDI learn mode. This is odd considering Sonic Syndicate knows all about MIDI learning with their host, Orion.

The sound quality is excellent, Sonic Syndicate has yet to make anything but a top quality instrument.

Bottom line: this turned out to be a disappointing synth overall and I don't think it was one of my better purchases. I thought I'd get more out of it than I have.
Reviewed By stogie21 [read all by] on April 19th, 2002
Version reviewed: 3.01 on Windows
In the beginning i was not too impressed with junglist, but once i got past the presets, this thing absolutely rocks. Once you start playing around and making your own sounds you can really tell why they call this thing the junglist, it just makes some sweet crazy sounds.

Of course you can make some great bass with this, but I love it for making some really awesome sweeps. Its perfect for my downtempo/ambient style. The best feature on the junglist in my opinion are the filters. The filters are the best I've heard on a softsynth.

I've got Pentagon 1 also, and junglist may not be able to make the same variety of sounds, but I think the junglist sounds fuller and richer.
Reviewed By dusted william [read all by] on December 5th, 2001
Version reviewed: 3.0 on Windows
At first I was aprehensive about the mighty junglist. I was not so sure about the sounds. Now I really dig this thing. J3 is just insane. It can have very hard sounds, soft, and very,very, very low bass type one hits that move up and down in pitch. I would use thing for bass, bass, bass, and some leads and sound fx. This thing for me adds decoration to tunes. I don't think I would use it for pads. If you have the demo and shelved it maybe you should give it another try. O and I also like how well this thing sounds when I use the pitch bend.
Reviewed By paul minot [read all by] on December 4th, 2001
Version reviewed: 3 on Windows.
Last edited by paul minot on 4th December 2001.
I know Pentagon's all the rage, now, but I must admit it SOUNDS to me a lot like a better, more versatile Pro52. (In other words, I wish Pentagon had been available at $99 when I bought Pro52 for $150.) But Junglist has a wonderful bunch of waveforms with a complex, organic quality, not unlike the PPG sounds IMHO, with a nice effects selection (delay and chorus, good distortion, unique pitch glide effects, and great bass enhancement features built in) that creates a wide palette of sounds that doesn't sound quite like any other synth I've heard. And while the GUI isn't outstandingly beautiful, it is simple and easy to get around. The result is a very versatile synthesizer capable of making a wide variety of useful and unique sounds--but especially gifted at making fat, organic bass sounds that rival bass guitar for complexity and...uh...meatiness? Also great at making pseudovocal and pseudoinstrument sounds with filters. And great presets. My next synth buy, for sure.
Reviewed By brittnell [read all by] on October 16th, 2001
Version reviewed: 2.00 on Windows.
Last edited by brittnell on 16th October 2001.
I love the sounds this synth makes. It really does have a certain "non-computer" quality to it, meaning it has a nice rich (Hoffman) sound that will make listeners think you're using some horrendously expensive piece of vintage kit.

I agree that there could be more presets packaged along with it, but also feel that it'll benefit potential buyers to spend some time REALLY tweaking its parameters. I've gotten some SERIOUSLY weird, freaky, unique sounds out of it by straying just a bit off the "preset path".

Next to the Pentagon I, it's my favorite "pre-fab" VSTi synth at the moment (not including instruments such as SynC or Infinity).

Worth the money.
Reviewed By bajongo [read all by] on October 9th, 2001
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows

This synth sounds expensive! Very huge, massive sound. The name says it all but there are a lot of other sounds possible, too.


Some of the best digital ones I've heard until now. It has only 8 voices, why?
I like the design. Straight foward and nice keys.

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